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All you need to know about the Accra Institute of Technology Ghana

accra institute of technology


The right school choice could potentially determine the type of person you become or the type of job you could find yourself in, so be sure to count yourself lucky if you do get admission into one of Ghana’s well-accredited university colleges, I am talking about none other than Accra institute of technology.

To quote one of society’s all-time favourite cartoon personalities “we did it”, who said this Dora the Explorer and she is right “we did it”, well you did it you have finally finished your Senior Secondary School education; now you are moving into the next stage of your life university. There are a good number of universities in Ghana, be it private or public. The choice is really up to you and your grades. So choosing a well-accredited university like the Accra institute of technology could help your transition into the next phase of your life much easier.

The Accra Institute of Technology has been around since 2009 and with over 2100 students from across the country, this private university has been accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana (NAB). The Accra Institute of Technology comprises six schools and three institutes. It is affiliated with (KNUST) Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and has a partnership with the Open University of Malaysia (OUM). Ranked as the top private university in the country, the tertiary school is a leading research university with over 250 enrolled on its PhD programmes.

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Accra Institute Of Technology’s Campuses

The ACCRA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY has not one but two campuses, located in the country’s capital.

  Seaview Campus

Accra Institute of Technology’s Seaview campus is an ultra-modern campus located in Accra on the Block factory Kasoa road (Aplaku hill, Wejia)

Food and fun at the Accra institute of technology Seaview campus 

If you do like to have fun or love to experience new and amazing things then the Sea View Campus is the one for you not saying that Accra Institute of Technology’s knowledge city campus is not as amazing.

 Go for a stroll along the amazing beaches of Accra, visit the west hills mall and treat yourself. If you love pizza or fast food you will find the most amazing places some of which include Eddy’s Pizza, Chicken Inn, The Sizzler just to mention a few, you could go out with a friend to watch a movie or two at the Global Cinemas or the Silver Bird and what about night time you may ask? The London Bar is an amazing nighttime spot for you. These activities are just a tip of what you can do in and around this campus because there are about a million and one amazing spots and sites to see, after all, you are in the capital city Accra.

Residential services 

Accra institute of technology is known to have many hostels close by to accommodate their students. One of such is the Seaview hostel.

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Knowledge City Campus

The Accra Institute of Technology’s Knowledge City Campus is situated at Kokomlemle-(Carprice) On the Circle-Lapaz road, Accra-Ghana. This is a newly constructed 7 storey flat with down place parking, a lift and an auditorium with the capacity to hold over 1,500 students. 

Food and fun at the Accra institute of technology knowledge city campus 

For students that choose this campus do not worry about feeling left out, Kokomlemle has a lot of fun and interesting activities, one can choose from.

You could try watching a movie at the Moviehouse plaza, and if you require good comfort food try the Superb lounge for amazing meals or the infamous Floratti kitchen, for nightlife move to the one corner garden. Don’t limit yourself to just these Accra has a good number of hotspots.

Residential services

Sadly this campus does not provide residential services for the students but fortunately for you, there are a good number of independently owned hostels and homestels in and around Kokomlemle some of which include the Place hostel, Unique hostel, Samartine hostel, student hostel and so many others.

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Facilities and Services on both the Knowledge City Campus and Seaview Campuses 

And for students who want to attend the Accra Institute of Technology someday, you should know that the school has an award-winning learning management system. This means that all the students in AIT get free and unlimited access to lecture notes be it audio or video for all registered courses. The cool thing about this system and AIT is that students are not required to take lecture notes in class because all of their reading material will be provided to them at the beginning of the school semester.

Another amazing feature in this school is their E-library which hosts over 800,000 books, journals, videos and audiobooks at no cost for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

The Accra institute of technology has not only included regular classroom teaching and online learning activities, but the school has also incorporated a site visit programme, where it allows the students to observe how most companies work in the real world and try to solve the actual existing problems there, giving the students a more hand s on experience to learn. AIT Brochure

Accra Institute of Technology Requirements

Students interested in applying to the  Accra Institute of Technology should have  obtained at least a D(4) in 6 subjects and must have passed in 3 subjects also one grade should be a D or better than at the A levels

A grade 6 or better in five subjects including English, science, math or an art subject.

Students applying to ait require six passes ranging from an A to a D; with a D being the least in all subjects including English and mathematics. With an aggregate of 24 or less

Applicants should have six passes ranging from A1- D7 and must have a minimum of a C6 in any three subjects including English, mathematics and science, and have a minimum of C6 in any three (3) subjects which must be relevant to the area of specialisation.


English Language and core Mathematics; and at least three (3) of the passes must be relevant to the area of specialisation.

English Language and core Mathematics; and must possess a minimum of C6 in any three (3) subjects which must be relevant to the area of specialisation.

Programs and Courses Offered At the Accra Institute of Technology

AIT offers a good number of campus-based Bachelor and HND programs that have been structured to help students in real life. Before we continue to know that a course is not a programme, a course is used by an institution to refer to a class that usually last a semester a programme on the other hand is used to refer to the degree on takes in an institution, in other words, a programme is another term of a  degree on takes.  The following shows each degree or programme are listed in the link provided 

Bachelor Degree Programs Offered At the Accra Institute of Technology

College Of Basic And Applied Science

BSc. Agriculture 

BSc. Engineering Sciences

BSc.Mathematical Sciences 

BSc.Physical Sciences 

BSc. Information Technology

Bsc. Biological Sciences 

BSc. Earth Sciences

BSc. Family&Consumer Sciences

Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine 

College Of Health Sciences 

Bachelor Of Dental Surgery

Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery

BSc. Radiology

Bachelor Pharmacy

BSc. Physiotherapy 

BSc. Occupational Therapy 

BSc. Midwifery

BSc. Dietitics

Bachelor Of Nursing

BSc. Dental Laboratory 


College Of Education 

BSc. Information Technology-Distance LearningBScchelor Of Arts In Education

Bachelor Of Arts-Distance Learning 

Bachelor Of Science In Administration-Distance Education

Bachelor Science In Education

College Of Humanities

Bachelor Of Arts- General Arts Background

Bachelor Of Laws

Bachelor Of Arts-Fee Paying

BScLearning.Administration Regular

BSc.Administration Fee Paying

BSc. Administration City Campus

Bachelor Of Arts- Business/Vocational/Science Background

Bachelor Of Arts City Campus

Bachelor Of Fine Arts 

Higher National Diploma (HND) Programmes Offered At Accra Institute of Technology




Accra Institute of Technology Cut Off Point

All universities in Ghana and beyond has grade limitations or cut-off points it uses to deem students worthy of applying to their university, below is the cut off points for the Accra Institute of Technology

College Of Basic And Applied Science

Cut off point 
BSc. Agriculture  24
BSc. Engineering Sciences 14
BSc.Mathematical Sciences  18
BSc.Physical Sciences  24
BSc. Information Technology 15
BSc. Biological Sciences  24
BSc.Earth Sciences 18
BSc. Family&Consumer Sciences 24
Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine    15
College Of Health Sciences  Cut off point 
Bachelor Of Dental Surgery 10
Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery 7
BSc. Radiology 16
Bachelor Pharmacy 8
BSc. Physiotherapy  16
BSc. Occupational Therapy  16
BSc. Midwifery 20
BSc. Dietetics 16
Bachelor Of Nursing 12
BSc. Dental Laboratory  16

College Of Education 

Cut off point 
BSc. Information Technology-Distance Learning 30
Bachelor Of Arts In Education 24
Bachelor Of Arts-Distance Learning  30
Bachelor Of Science In Administration-Distance Education 26
Bachelor Science In Education 24

College Of Humanities

Cut off point 
Bachelor Of Arts- General Arts Background                         16/17
Bachelor Of Laws 7
Bachelor Of Arts-Fee Paying                         16/17
BSc.Administration Regular 8
BSc.Administration Fee Paying 8
BSc. Administration City Campus 8
Bachelor Of Arts- Business/Vocational/Science Background 12
Bachelor Of Arts City Campus 12
Bachelor Of Fine Arts  12

Accra Institute of Technology Admission

Local or Ghanaian-based students who wish to apply to AIT should follow this:

Applying through the Printable Application form

Applying through the Fillable Application form

For students outside Ghana who wish to apply to the Accra Institute of Technology should also follow these procedures to apply:

Applying through the Printable Application form

Applying through the Fillable Application form

 Accra Institute of Technology Online Application 

Fortunately, AIT has provided a quicker and simpler method of application to help cut down the long overly complicated old system you could do so: here.  For the online application, you are allowed to update your information and know that your application will be evaluated based on the information you have provided.

Noteworthy requirements:



Grading System at the Accra Institute of Technology

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is the preferred grading system used by AIT as an attempt to standardized measurements of different course achievements of students. This is calculated by using the grade points earned by the students over a given period; it is represented by the assigned letters ranging from A-F. To determine your point average you divide the total number of quality points by your total hours for the semester, where the highest grade point is 4.3. 

For example, if a student registered and completed 18 hours of coursework, it will have to be divided by their total accumulated quality points; let’s say the students quality points accumulated to 38 points, the grade point average will be 2.111.

The GPA points awarded to students are as below:

Class Range 
First-class 3.60 or better
Second class (upper division) 3.25 to 3.59
Second class (lower division) 2.50 to 3.24
Third class 2.00 to 2.49

And for the students with a 3.50 GPA and better, they get into the honours list,

Summa cum laude 3.90 or better
Mangna cum laude 3.75-3.89
Cum laude 3.50-374

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Accra Institute of Technology Fees

Campus-Based Undergraduate Fees Structure

School Program Local Student Foreign Student
ASDASS Bachelors Degree in Computer Science GHc 1,531.00 $1,308.00
SATES Bachelors Degree in Engineering Ghc 1,850.00 $1,573.00
ASDASS CTech in Computer Science Ghc 1,050.00 $758.00
ASDASS Bachelor Degree in Information Technology GHc 1,531.00 $1,308.00
ASDASS CTech in Information Technology Ghc 1,050.00 $758.00
ABS Bachelor Degree in Business Administration GHc 1,531.00 $1,308.00
ABS CTech in Business Administration Ghc 1,050.00 $758.00
SATES CTech in Engineering Ghc 1,250.00 $863.00
SATES DTech In Engineering Ghc1,330.00 $1,020.00
ABS DTech In Business Administration Ghc1,085.00 $855.00
ASDASS DTech In Computer Science Ghc1,085.00 $855.00
ASDASS DTech In Information Technology Ghc1,085.00 $855.00

To be honest a university degree can be very expensive and time-consuming but with the ever-growing number of jobs that require advanced education, a degree can help you fare much better than others with which you compete on the job market. You should weigh out the pros and cons of getting a degree to find if it would be worth your effort. The Accra Institute of Technology has a  Board of Trustees made up of World-Class Distinguished Academics and Personalities. The members of the AIT Board have over 200 combined years of experience in university and research work.

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