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All you need to know about Central University


There is a never-ending argument that goes on and on as to whether public universities are better than private universities and more often than not the argument favours public universities but hey! Ever heard of Central University? We’re not taking sides here but this is a private university that rubs shoulders with the creme de la creme when it comes to tertiary education. Hats off to you if you’ve secured admission and if you’re one that is just looking for all you need to know about Central University, then this article has exactly what you’re looking for.

The history of Central University 

Central University is an educational initiative of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC). It stems from a pastoral training institute which started in October 1988 by ICGC. It was later incorporated in June 1991 under the name Central Bible College. It was later changed to a business-oriented school then later to a liberal arts University in 1998 with the name Central University College. And finally in 2016, the University College was awarded the Presidential Charter to operate an autonomous and fully-fledged university. 

Central University campuses

 The university has a total of about four campuses situated at strategic locations in the country.

The Kumasi campus

It is the new ultra-modern campus situated on the grounds of Calvary Charismatic Church.

The Mataheko CampusThere is also the Mataheko Campus which houses the faculty of arts and social science, the central business school, and administration offices. If you are looking to pursue a diploma and advanced diploma then the Mataheko campus is the best place.

The Miotso Campus

This campus is widely known to be the largest and main campus offering a variety of programs.

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Faculties and schools – Central University Courses

Here is a list of courses grouped under faculties, colleges, and schools, in case you’re confused about a course to choose or curious about courses that the university offers.

 Faculty of Law

Faculty of arts and social sciences

Central Business School

Administration with options in:


Human Resource Management and Accounting

School of Pharmacy

School of Architecture and Design

School of Engineering and Technology

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

   How to apply to Central University

The application process is a prerequisite step to securing admission. The application can either be done manually or online. All applications for admission to undergraduate programs are to be submitted to the Admissions Office, Central University via the website at These programmes usually start in September/October or January/February of each year. Once this is done and your application is accepted, you’ll be notified with a letter continuing details concerning registration, orientation, fees and charges. Failure to do so means that the applicant has declined the offer.

  Registration of courses

Securing admissions and getting all other documents is only one part of the puzzle of being a part of CU. Registering your courses is a fundamental requirement that ensures that you’re a certified member of CU’s student body. By registering your courses, you reserve seats in particular classes. You do this by selecting all core and elective courses prescribed for the semester as well as completing a registration schedule in the student’s Service Centre or Student’s department.

  Grading system and assessment 

Students are graded with continuous assessment and end-of-semester examinations. The continuous assessment makes up 40% of the overall grade and the end-of-semester examinations make up 60%. The continuous assessment comprises a mid-semester examination and either a quiz, essay, short test, and other assignments.

 A student’s performance is graded such that 80%-100 is grade A and has a credit value of 4.00, 75-79% is grade B+ and has a credit value of 3.50,70-74% is grade B and has a credit value 3.00, 65-69% is grade C+ and has a credit value 2.50,60-64% is grade C and has a credit value of 2.00, 55-59% is grade D+ and has a credit value of 1.50, 50-54% is grade D and has a credit value of 1.00 and 0-49% is grade F and has a credit value of 0.

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  Facilities on campus 

Aside from academics, one thing that I bet is of interest is the facilities. The school has various hostels that are open and provide a safe and comfortable housing environment. The university has made available a variety of hostels available to students on campus and off-campus. 

The Central University Campus hostel is a females-only hostel and houses 3 people in a room.

Then there’s also the ICGC students hostel which is also a males hostel and accommodated 4 people in a room. The hostel has a gym room, tv room, barbershop, and free Wi-Fi.

The Pronto hostel is another hostel that you’d see on campus, aside from being an all-female hostel, it houses 4 people in a room.

If you’re the type who for one reason or another prefers an off-campus, here are a few that you’d suit your taste just fine. The Round hostel and Guesthouse are popular off-campus hostels. Both are male and female hostels respectively. There are also white and Blue hostels. All these rooms are furnished with beds, mattresses, wardrobes as well toilets and baths. There are study rooms and kitchens for all. 

Just in case you weren’t aware, CU has halls as well. The university has about eight halls which are evenly divided for both males and females. Freedom hall, Billy Graham hall, Integrity hall, and Chancellor hall are all-male halls whereas Justice hall, Catherine Coman hall, Faith Hall, and Joy Otabil hall are all-female halls.

Mind you, if you are a fresher and you don’t want to face the hustle of being late to class, these hostels are the right choices for you.

For your money matters, there are a lot of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) littered all over campus and are available 24 hours a day.

CU also operates a wireless system where any student with a personal laptop can easily access the internet. The computer lab or the ICT-Directorate are also other places where students can access the internet.

And for the “booklongs”, the CU library is stocked with so many books and learning materials from different disciplines and offers a serene place for holistic study.

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Food on campus

There’s nothing like studying without healthy, quality food. If you’re looking for good food to buy, the place to go is the CU food court. Almighty Champion Food Service will satisfy your cravings with their mouth-watering dishes from the popular jollof rice to our local fufu and banku. You should also check out the Ikina Catering Services, De-Nobles services, the yam joint, and A-Z services all of which you’ll find at the food court at Miotso campus.

  There are also mini-marts and other food joints dotted all over the other campuses. As you eat, bear it in mind eating healthy helps you have a healthy mind to study well therefore it is important to incorporate fruits in your diet and the fruit store ensures that you never run out of options when it comes to fruits. 

 Hall week celebrations and fun activities 

If you’re the type who likes to have fun and involve yourself in exciting activities, then rest assured because there’s plenty of that on campus. This is where fun lives! 

The most exciting week on campus is the SRC week celebrations because of all the fun activities that take place in the week. The all-week celebrations kick start with Hall celebrations which usually takes place in the middle of the semester and is packed with exciting activities such as inter-departmental debates, sporting activities, rep your school, dance battles, Central strongest, and climaxed with the artistes’ night. It is in this week that you see different types of smiles because ” issabout to go down!”

Also, there are educational activities organised from time to time for students to interact with industry players and learn a thing or two from them. And finally, because it is a Christian institution, every student is mandated to attend church service on Wednesday called the Wednesday Chapel. Of course, aside from that, there are other church and religious programmes on campus as well.

The university has also chalked some successes by excelling at the Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council Competition held in the Netherlands in 2015. Not only that, Mr. George Amoako, Senior lecturer in Marketing at the Central Business School was awarded the Africa Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership Award also in 2015.

Central University Student Portal

Like many other universities, Central University has a portal for its students and staff where information about courses and other relevant resources can be accessed. You can access the central university student portal here.

Now that you know a bit of everything about CU, it is important that you remember that taking your academics seriously is a favour that you’ll be doing for no one else but you. While doing that, let your hair down, learn, socialise, grow, make memories and be the best that you can possibly be!

If you’re a fresher, I hope this article has at least given you enough information and helped to make your stay in CU a comfortable and wonderful one.

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