Betting on KNUST campus now forbidden

The academic board of KNUST has placed an immediate ban on betting activities amongst students on campus. Meaning that no student of KNUST is to partake in any form of sports betting whatsoever.


Betting companies have also been banned from operating on campus or sponsoring any KNUST related programme or office. In short, the university doesn’t want anything to do with betting companies in Ghana.


Betting has become a major source of entertainment amongst students. Some see it as a business venture but this almost always goes south, causing students to be highly indebted to each other.


In an attempt to prevent students from betting, the UITS department has blocked all sports betting websites on the University WiFi. So students can not access any sports betting website through the free WiFi provided by the university.


If a student is found betting on campus, then that student will be rusticated for one year.

If you are a serial beter (if there’s such a word) and would like to seek help to stop this addictive act then you should click here. No more sports betting on KNUST campus, will other universities follow suite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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