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Getting a job as a student in Ghana

Students in Ghana have faced problems getting part-time jobs in their line of studies. While some students are not technically inclined to start their businesses, others have difficulties in blending academics with jobs. Getting a job as a student in Ghana entails a lot of sacrifice and blending.

First and foremost, some students face setbacks when venturing into a business during their schooling periods. For this reason, students who want to add part-time jobs to their academics must have a great interest in the field of work and must be willing to sacrifice part of their study time for the job. In this article, we will discuss getting a job as a student in Ghana.

Getting a job as a student in Ghana

Part-time jobs for students in Ghana have become scarce due to their importance in the lives of some students. For this reason, innovative students have begun creating their businesses in their interest. Moreover, some schools have made available to students some part-time jobs on their campuses. Since you are on campus, registering your business may be difficult but you can use Bizaccess to have your business registered if you within days.

Money is not easy to come by these days hence students resort to these little part-time jobs for their day-to-day needs. To stand the chance of securing these jobs in school, you need to know the avenues to get these jobs and also know how to approach the job searching.

Getting a job as a student in ghana

Avenues For Searching For Jobs

Most often, advertisements are made on vacancies of part-time jobs in schools on notice boards and other electronic boards. Others are circulated through student platforms and student unions. Moreover, some of these jobs are advertised through direct messages from school administration to students.

Preparing For Part-Time Jobs in Ghana

Depending on the job type, the applicants need to fulfill certain requirements. To be well placed for a job, there are some preparations which need to be made.

1. Preparation of a good Curriculum Vitae (CV): 

Certain part-time jobs might not require the Curriculum Vitae, others also need it. The CV must be properly constructed and must contain some skills achievements, as well as other details about you. 

2. Acquisition of some soft skills: 

Some part-time jobs like typing require skills in computing and word document skills. Other soft skills include time management, teamwork, critical thinking, stress management, and others.

3. Fulfilling the general requirements for jobs: 

Some part-time jobs in school require some specific academic requirements for applicants. Moreover, some jobs are not for first-year students.

4. Passing of eligibility criteria: 

Students who wish to apply for some jobs in school are to pass most of the eligibility criteria to be considered for the job.

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Planning Your Academic Blend With The Job

Planning how to combine your job with your academic life is the most important factor to consider when looking for a job as a student. In order not for students to skip off from the basic reason for being in school, certain academic plans must be put in place. This plan will ensure that students have much time for their books and learn effectively, in conjunction with their job.

academic planning for students

Here are some basic practices which ensure the blending of academics with a job.

1. Plan your time wisely: 

Per the school’s academic calendar, you should mark out some important event dates like revision and examination dates. Students should not work during exam periods. For this plan to work effectively, students must plan it with their employers.

2. Make a financial plan: 

Ensure that you save money during your active part-time periods in school. This will secure your financial life during times like exams when you might not be working.

3. Regularly updating your employer: 

Students who engage in work must regularly inform their employers on academic schedules and impromptu events.

4. Do not over-stress: 

You should be able to manage stress but not to over-stress. Moreover, do not bite more than you can chew. Ensure that you have enough rest and sleep so that you will have good health.

5. Do not procrastinate:

Procrastination, as they say, is a thief of time. When you don’t faithfully go by your daily plans, you end up procrastinating. As a student, you must focus on all events you will undertake.

6. Plan for the unexpected: 

Although you need to adhere strictly to your daily schedule, you should apportion some time to care for unexpected situations. Sometimes some jobs might not be done as expected and hence the allotted time will care for that.

7. Stay healthy: 

For students to learn or work, they need good health. Staying fit and healthy is one of the basic requirements for performing a good task. You must eat well, exercise regularly, and drink enough water.

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Examples Of Jobs That Can Be Done By Students

Some students are endowed with skills like critical thinking to identify some problems and provide solutions to them. One of such is the financial problems faced by students and they solve that by creating some part-time jobs which can partly solve some of these problems.

getting a job a student, college students group study 

When looking for a job as a student or getting a job as a student in Ghana, you can get any of these jobs listed below.

  1. Blogging

One can create blog posts and articles online to gain money. You can take a blogging course here

  1. Typing 

Students can be made to type lengthy documents as a job.

  1. Selling 

Trading in school can be physical or virtual. Items like books, dresses, shoes, and others are available for sales.

  1. Delivery business

Serving as middlemen between sellers and buyers. Delivery persons deliver items to customers who purchase them.

  1. Cleaning

Some offices allow students to work as cleaners. The students clean the offices early in the morning before going to class.

  1. Web designer or software designing 

Web developers create websites and applications for organizations and get paid.

  1. Photography

Photography businesses are very common in schools due to the number of events in the school.

  1. Graphic Designing 

You can earn money by designing posters for upcoming events.

  1. Hostel porter

Private hostels in some schools employ students to serve as porters.

  1. Artisan

If you are good at designing and drawing, you can create good drawings for people to earn money.

  1. Brand ambassador 

Some companies prefer engaging students as their brand ambassadors to make them popular in the schools.

  1. Computer repairing 

When you have technical skills in repairing computers, calculators, and other electrical gadgets, you get paid for your service.

Education in Ghana becomes very interesting when getting a job as a student becomes very easy. Students should have some working experiences by engaging in some business activities while in school.

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