GUSSS Hostel Fees

GUSSS hostel fees for 2020/2021 academic year

The Brunei hostels on the KNUST campus are some of the most preferred hostels on campus. The rooms are large, utilities are good, security is on point and of course, the reputation of the hostel. Brunei hostel is officially known as the GUSSS hostels. Hall 7 is also included within the GUSSS hostel repertoire. 

GUSSS hostel comprises Brunei and Chancellor’s Hall popularly known as HAll 7. Brunei Hostel is categorized into four: Baby Brunei, Brunei Complex, Old Brunei and New Brunei. Various room types range from 4 in 1, 2 in 1, 2 in 2 and 3 in 1.

Every year, thousands of students apply to these hostels. Due to that, there’s an electronic system of booking for Brunei hostel which is similar to that of the KNUST SRC hostel application if you are familiar with it.

Using the GUSSS portal

Here are simple steps outlined by the GUSSS management on how to officially apply for Brunei hostel for the 2020/2021 academic year through the GUSSS hostel booking portal. The GUSSS hostel portal is normally opened in the month of March to allow students to book a room.

  1. Visit the GUSSS Hostel room allocator portal here
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. A window will open with all hostels listed with available room types and space.
  4. Choose your preferred hostel (Baby Brunei, Brunei Complex, New Brunei, Old Brunei or Hall 7) and room type to book the room.

NB:  Please note that you don’t choose your room number. You only get to choose the type of room (4 in 1etc.)  Room numbers are given the day before reopening and mostly via text message on the number used in the registration process.

  1. Save and print out the form.
  2. Make payment to the bank indicated on the form.
  3.  You’ll be handed two receipts. One which you’ll submit at the GUSSS secretariat (at New Brunei) and the other for your keeping. This receipt you keep is what would grant you entry to your room.

Now for those already in the GUSSS hostels, a GUSSS link portal will be opened around January till say Mid March for those in the hostels to choose to renew or relocate to any other of the GUSSS hostels. It is after this is done that GUSSS presents the remaining rooms to the new entrants for application.

Important things to note when applying to Brunei hostel

Kindly note that the entire registration process should be done on a laptop or computer and not on mobile phone.

Your internet connection should be stable enough as the system can get jammed sometimes because everyone is applying at the same time when the portal is opened.

Brunei Hostel Approved Prices for 2020/2021

Prices for the 2020/2021 academic year have been released.

For Local Students:

2 in 1 3,970.00
2 in 1 (Complex Block S) 3,570.00
2 in 2 3,310.00
3 in 1 2,910.00
4 in 1 2,375.00

NB: All new applicants will pay an additional non-refundable amount of GHC 100.00

For International Students:

2 in 1 1,200.00 1,130.00 1,050.00
2 in 1 (Complex Block S) 1,150.00 1,080.00 1,000.00
2 in 2 1,100.00 1,030.00 950.00
3 in 1 1,000.00 930.00 850.00
  • Students interested in 1 in a room should see the Hostel Manager for further details.
  • All accommodation fees SHOULD be paid into GUSSS Hostel account NOT into KNUST/School Account

What Makes The GUSSS Hostels So Special?

They are probably the “hot cake” hostels in and around KNUST. Getting a room can be quite difficult and stressful especially without “protocol”. The most popular GUSSS hostel is Brunei for different reasons.

Residents of all the GUSSS Hostels have constant 24/7 access to the KNUST Wifi and no need to worry about water and electricity bills. There are installed CCTV cameras to beef up security in the hostels. They are also the Hostels apart from the SRC Hostel that are found on the university campus with a close proximity to lecture halls.

All GUSSS Hostels have in-built working lockers and the mattresses are changed from time to time. They have a very conducive environment and reporting faults in your room is the easiest you can find in any hostel as your challenges and faults are immediately attended to. 

Dear Ladies, this part might interest you, Brunei Complex is the only GUSSS Hostel with a correct sink on the balcony.

Need a hostel?

As there is limited space in Brunei, if you or any KNUST student is in need of a hostel then you should use Getrooms. Getrooms has a large database of registered hostels around KNUST which you can access and book instantly. You can book Brunei hostel as well to receive the GUSSS hostel help desk contact details. Try it out now.

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