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Hostel Accommodation At University of Ghana – What To Know

The University of Ghana, Legon as it is popularly known, is one of the most popular universities in Accra and the biggest. Each year, Legon admits thousands of students and accommodation is very important and key. We will be looking at hostel accommodation at University of Ghana especially if you are a first-year student.

Hostel Accommodation at University of Ghana

Students have the option to choose residence and non-residence during the application process for accommodation. The traditional halls are available for students to book to stay for the entire duration of their program of study subject to yearly renewals. Legon runs an In-In-In-In accommodation system for their halls, thus, students can book to stay in the respective halls throughout their entire years of studying there but it is on a first-come, first-served basis, meaning you have to be very quick during the application process for hostel accommodation at University of Ghana.

Hostels Around Legon, how hostel accommodation is booked at university of ghana

In Legon, most of the hostels on campus are referred to as halls with some of the hostels being converted to halls. However, there are traditional halls, diaspora halls, and hostels available for accommodation at the University.

Over the past year, accommodation at the University of Ghana became a very big issue as most students were without a place to sleep. This led to the construction of new hostels to improve the hostel accommodation at University of Ghana.

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Traditional Halls In Legon

The traditional halls are available for booking when entering the university as a fresher. A link is sent out to students to book these halls for accommodation. The traditional halls are less expensive as compared to the Diaspora Halls. Students share washrooms in the traditional halls. The traditional halls in Legon include:

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  • Volta Hall (Females only)
  • Commonwealth Hall
  • Akuafo Hall
  • Mensah Sarbah Hall
  • Jubilee Hall
  • Legon Hall
  • International Students Hall 1&2

Diaspora Halls In Legon

The Diaspora Halls are also available for freshers to book online. Compared to the traditional halls, the Diaspora Halls have spacious or bigger rooms and each room has its own washroom inside. The washroom facilities are not shared, unlike the traditional halls. This means however that the diaspora halls are more expensive compared to the traditional ones.

Jean Nelson Hall, hostel accommodation at university of ghana

  • Hilla Limann Hall
  • Alexander Kwapong Hall
  • Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall
  • Jean Nelson Hall

You are required to make payments annually and quickly to keep staying in the halls if you want to continue staying there. You can however decide to move to other hostels around legon as well.

For continuing students who wish to seek accommodation at the halls, you would have to contact the various halls to pick up a form to book for a room if there are any.

All students who have been admitted at full-time Legon campus and Korle Bu Campus are required to make residential applications.

TF Hostel, how to book a hostel at university of Ghana

University of Ghana Hostels

As mentioned earlier, some hostels have been converted into halls now. It is important to know the hostel accommodation at University of Ghana. They are:

  • Bani Hostel now Bani Hall
  • Evandy hostel now Evandy Hall
  • TF Hostel now James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall
  • Pentagon Hostel now Pent Hall or African Union Hall

However, not all students are able to get hostel accommodation at University of Ghana. There are a number of hostels around Legon that can be booked online as well. These hostels are located around East Legon, North Legon, Madina, and other neighbouring towns not far from the University.

Evandy Hostel, Evandy Hall, Legon Campus

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