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Hostels in Ghana and their funny names

Hostels in Ghana have a funny way of expressing themselves. Some of them have names that can make you laugh and others would just leave you stunned. Here are a few hostel names that the GetRooms team came across that would definitely make your day. If you are in any of these hostels just give us a shout out in the comments. There are hundreds of hostels in accra and other parts of Ghana and you’ll not need the map of Accra to find these hostels. You could always check out the GetRooms website to book these hostels

Rabbi Student Hostel

The word Rabbi is translated teacher in Hebrew. So the hostel basically means “Teacher Student Hostel”. Don’t worry I don’t think you will be in the same room with your teacher here as it is a student hostel. It’s a hostel in Tema Community 9.

Pram Heart Hostel

If you are in search for a hostel around Central University then you might have come across Pram Heart Hostel. If you don’t know the area the name might sound strange but we are guessing it stands for Prampram, a town not very far from the Central University. Maybe the owner has a special affiliation to Prampram hence the name Pram heart hostel.

No Weapon Hostel

When you are in this hostel, you should feel safe😂. We are sure it’s taken from the popular bible verse which says that no weapon formed against me shall prosper.


Isaiah 54:17 NKJV: No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is from Me

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P3 Hostel

The name P3 almost sounds robotic. You would think that robots live in the hostel but on the contrary, young students flood this hostel in Ayeduase because it’s a fun place to be. It’s also rather close to KNUST.

MB3 Hostel

We don’t know if there’s something special about the number 3 but this is one of the hostels in Madina with a mechanical like name. The Terminator came to mind when we heard this hostel name but not to worry. It houses students of UPSA since it’s very close to the campus. MB3 hostel is one of the many private hostels around UPSA.

Rising Sun

This sounds like the title of a Chinese action movie, Rising Sun Sinking Shadow or something 😂. It’s a great hostel but the name makes us laugh every once in a while.

Father Hallowed Be Thy Name Hostel

This is by far the longest hostel name that we’ve come across. Imagine telling your parents that next semester you want to be in Father, hallowed be thy name…hostel. That’s a mouthful. Every time you mention your hostel name you can just continue with the Lord’s prayer. That’s Ghana hostels for you.


Whitpalm Hostel

The name Whitpalm sounds like a 5-star hotel and it’s actually a very nice hostel. We only wonder how the Kumasi locals will be pronouncing it.

Long Island Hostel

Ghana has very few islands so the Long Island hostel got us thinking, is it on the sea or something? It turns out that it’s on dry land in the Kumasi City. A nice place to be in as well.

Shalom Kubitz

We know the word shalom means peace in Hebrew but Kubitz? Maybe it’s a combination of two names. Whichever the case, it’s still a popular hostel in Kumasi.

Happy Family Hostel

The name puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it? The owners must have a very happy family. I don’t think it’s only for families since we’ve spotted KNUST students in this hostel.

White House Hostel

In Ghana, there are many named for the WC. White throne, private room, washroom, and of course white house. Not to worry, the hostel isn’t full of WCs. It’s a normal hostel which is also located very close to KNUST Ayeduase gate.

El-Shadai Hostel

If you are into religion then you might have heard the word El-Shadai before. El-Shadai actually means the multi breasted one. Let us give you some time for that to soak in.😐

Nyberg Hostel

We know that Berg is German for mountain so Ny mountain? Well, the owner will have to explain this one to us.

Orange Hostel

This hostel is actually painted orange. Maybe the owner likes the colour and decided to name his hostel after his favourite colour. It might be named after the fruit too. Well, whichever orange there are referring to, one thing we can say is that it is a good hostel located in Kotei.

Morning Star Palace Hostel

The morning star is a very bright start that can be seen at dawn. A cool name to give to your hostel even though it may sound a bit….strange.

Amen Hostel

Let your will be done is the meaning of Amen. Ironically, there are 3 amen hostels in the Ayeduase area. Don’t forget to say a prayer when you are in this hostel. You will get answers.

American House Hostel

Hostels in Ghana are interesting. When we first heard this we imagined a hostel painted in American colours all over with American food, American porters, American managers and American tenants. But it’s a good hostel located in Kumasi for KNUST students.

Gift Hostel

It almost sounds as if they will give you a room for free in Gift hostel. They don’t give out free rooms but they do have free shuttle and utilities for tenants. Isn’t that cool?

Hydes Hostel

If you’ve watched Dr Hydes before you might be a bit scared when you hear this hostel name. But on the contrary, it is a well-organised hostel in Ayeduase. Students love this place.

Heaven’s Gate Hostel

Don’t expect to hear angels singing and flying around in this hostel. The name is very heavenly and the service is next to heavenly. Heavens gave is a twin hostel with spacious rooms and adequate security. It is one of the many hostels around UPSA that students like.

Adombi Hostel

For those who don’t understand Twi, Adombi means a certain grace. This hostel is rather gracious and has a very solid management and nice rooms and facilities.

Pink Hostel

No, the hostel isn’t painted pink not does it have pictures of the pink panther. It’s a popular hostel in Accra for travellers and tourist.

Pentagon Hostel

Popularly known as Pent, it’s is a very well known hostel on Legon campus. We first thought that it was designed in a pentagon shape but we think it’s because each of the new blocks has 5 wings which house hundreds of students each. The complex is managed by the Ghana Hostels Limited. Pentagon hostel is not part of the University of Ghana private hostels, it is a hall on campus.


Yours and Ours Hostel

Yours and ours is a hostel located in Kwame Nkrumah Circle and Adabraka. It is a rather interesting hostel with nice rooms. People who are in search of student hostels in accra can book this hostel.

My Second Name Hostel

This is the kind of name that will make you read it twice just to be sure. My second name hostel still is for real and it is located in Adabraka very close to the Accra technical University.


Great Elisem Hostel

There’s an interesting name we are seeing that the owners named it after one of their kids but that is just speculation. It is a very good hostel located around the Valley View University. Elisem is an ewe name which means God is hearing me.

Abba Father Hostel

Jesus was the one who introduced us to the word Abba Father and it is a word used to describe the fatherhood of God. Abba father hostel is located just behind the Valley View University.

Lumba Hostel

Yes, Daddy Lumba also came to mind. We’re not sure if he owns the hostel. But it’s nice to have a hotel named Lumba in Ghana. It a hostel around Wisconsin University.


This hostel is located at Miotso, close to the Central University. The name makes no sense to us but we are sure it makes a lot of sense to the owners.

Fortress Hostel

The fortress is normally a very heavily guarded place which is almost impenetrable. That is what we had in mind but we didn’t really get what we’re thinking. It’s a rather nice hostel with a large compound and it is just a walking distance from the Central University

Showers of blessing

It’s nice to know that this hostel wants to bless you. This is a very interesting name and we hope that’s all those who stay in this hostel will be greatly blessed. It’s amazing to find these names on hostels in Ghana.

Outlook Hostel

I know you are thinking of an Outlook post or something but it’s a hostel. It has rooms and every other facility that also needs.

Gold Dust Hostel

This hostel sounds really really rich but don’t be shocked if you don’t find gold dust lying around the hostel. Maybe the owners are miners, who knows?

Wilmef Hostel

We are assuming that it’s a combination of William and Emefa. It is a nice hostel in Dawhenya

Wazobia Hostel

The name sounds like a tropical resort or something. Well, the thing is that it actually used to be a resort, but then it was converted to a hostel when the Central University moved to Miotso.

White and Blue Hostel

I think by now you know that hostel managers love colours. White and blue hostels are twin hostels of which one is white and the other blue. Very appropriate if you ask me.

Starly Hostel

Don’t we all want to be stars? Starley hostel is a star-studded hostel. No, it’s not shaped like a star but you get the idea. It’s located right next to the Central University.

Joy 4 Fame

This Hostel name is more of a statement. I guess it’s trying to say that when you have fame you would have Joy. Or you sacrifice your joy to have fame. Whichever way you want to look at it, that’s the name of the hostel.

God is God

A lovely name if you ask me. God is God and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s a funny name for a hostel though. It is one of the hostels around Dawhenya.


This name sounds more like a nightclub rather than a hostel. It’s a popular hostel in Dawhenya

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Pronto Hostel

Doesn’t sound like English but the pronto hostel is a hostel located on the central university campus. It’s large and has great facilities.

Shorby Hostel

You can find this hostel in Adabraka close to the Accra Technical University. Shorby sounds like a nickname though if you ask me.

Abrewa Hostel

Abrewa means old lady in Twi but not to worry, the hostel isn’t full of old ladies. There are mainly students within this hostel.

If you know any other funny named hostel in Ghana that is close to your campus and should be in this list just add it to the comments. If you are in search of a hostel then just check out our website. GetRooms has hundreds of hostels on our website that make it easy for you to book at a click of a button. Book your hostel the stress-free way, use GetRooms. Whether you are looking for hostels for rent in Accra or hostels around Dawhenya or hostels around Legon or hostels around Central University or hostels around ATU, GetRooms is the Largest hostel room booking service in Ghana.

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