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How to make the best use of time while in school


Time is one of the most valuable resources known to man. Time lost can never be regained and when you are a student you have a lot of time to spare. Most students misuse this time and waste it all and then live to regret it after they finish school. Here are some productive ways to make good use of your time.

Less small talk

It is said that time doesn’t change anything but rather reveals what it has been used on. Spending time with friends is great but you should choose wisely the kind of friends you spend time with. Social media can be fun since most of your friends are on it but a critical look at the benefits of reading about other people’s statuses of “going to class” “eating waakye” and endless selfies don’t really add value to you as a person. Spend less time on social media by checking it about 3 times a day only. Research shows that Social media averagely takes up to 6-10 hours of your precious time so next time you are aimlessly scrolling through your timeline think twice.

Take a short course

More time means you will be able to take a short course or attend workshops in other areas of study which may or may not be directly related to what you are studying in school. This opens up your knowledge base and also adds value to you. There are various online courses which can be done at your own time and which will certify you after completion. One of such courses is the Deshe Digital School which trains people in digital skills needed in any workplace.


It is not too common to be working and schooling in our part of the world but whenever you get such an opportunity you should take advantage of it. Working teaches you a lot of things which you can’t gain in the classroom. If you don’t get a job then get into entrepreneurship and start something. School is a great place to startup and experiment with your creative ideas.

Make partners not just friends

We make a lot of friends in school but there are particular people you meet in school who aren’t just classmates or roommates but they will go a long way to becoming business partners, employers, employees or even spouses. Cherish the time you spend with people and make lifelong connections. Value your time because there is no way to regain lost or wasted time.

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