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How To Secure Your Hostel Room For The Semester

For many years, students have always had issues finding the right hostel. Some get duped and others spend so much money, energy and time walking from hostel to hostel just to be told that “the manager is not around so come tomorrow”. Finding the right hostel shouldn’t be this hard. That is why we created GetRooms. GetRooms is an extensive directory of hostels in Ghana that students can browse to get valuable information like the facilities, location, prices, room types and even contact the hostel manager directly. GetRooms has over 500 hostels in over 60 universities in Ghana making us the largest student hostel site in Ghana.

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Hostels around Universities in Ghana

Ghana has lots of hostels which are located in or around Univesities. Our scouts have taken the time to plot out significant hostels in and around Universities. Whether you are looking for a 1 in a room, 2 in a room, 3 in a room, 4 in a room or more, you can easily find one on the Getrooms app. Simply search by University, city or room type to find a hostel that will work for you. You might even find a private hostel room close to your University. So whenever you search for “hostel room near me”, just think of GetRooms.

Why you should use Getrooms

We know that finding the right hostel takes time. That is why we have given users a minimum of 3 months’ access to the GetRooms App where you can search for and compare hostel prices, locations etc. Finding a hostel room for rent can be hard but not when you have the GetRooms app. Apart from that, there are other great benefits that you can enjoy when you use GetRooms, here are a few;

1. Saves time

No need to walk around looking for a hostel, you can save hours by just getting the manager’s contact and arranging for your room before you even visit. It’s faster and saves you a lot of time.

2. Saves money

The average student will use over Ghc 500 on transport, food, internet and phone calls within a month of looking for hostels. But with GetRooms, you only need one subscription to sit at home and use your phone to secure a room.

3. Easy to Use

We designed the GetRooms app to be easy to use for everyone. Our mobile-friendly website and app are a joy to use on any device.

4. Convenient

One of the reasons we like shopping at a supper market is because it contains all the necessary items in one place. GetRooms has over 500 hostels in one app so you can freely browse through them.

5. Updates

Our team is dedicated to giving you updated information on hostels within the GetRooms App. 

6. Assurance

When you spend money, you should have an assurance that you receive value for your money. That is why you get a minimum of 3 months to secure your room.

7. Constant support

Our support team is always available to answer any questions that you might have and also to guide you in finding a hostel.

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Early Bird Promo

This November, we are giving all new subscribers a 40% discount and an opportunity to be one of the five lucky winners who will have some of their hostel fees paid for them. All you have to do to enter is outlined in the following steps:

  1. Sign up for a starter or annual subscription plan on
  2. Follow us on any of our social media channels.
  3. Share a link from to any social media channel that you are on.

And that’s it! If you do all these steps then you stand a chance of winning over GHc 5000 worth of payments for your hostel accommodation.

The Promo will end in January 2023 but the 40% discount will cease by the end of  November 22. So get yours now

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