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KNUST Accommodation Portal: What To Know

Gaining admission into the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is the first step toward bagging a degree from this prestigious university. However, after being admitted as a freshman into KNUST, your next concern is finding a place to live. For freshmen students, this isn’t a big deal because your housing is arranged through the university, so you’ll be able to use the KNUST accommodation portal, unlike continuing students, who are responsible for their housing. Whether you’re a first-year student looking for advice or a seasoned student looking for a change of scenery there are several options available to you. 

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How do I apply for accommodation at KNUST?

When considering the quality of life that can be expected upon admission, one of the first things to consider is the accommodation available on the KNUST campus. The reason for this is that a student will spend a significant amount of time outside of class in halls of residence and hostels.

In KNUST, there are six halls of residence and a number of hostels. 

  • Queen Elizabeth II Hall
  • Unity Hall
  • Independence Hall 
  • Republic Hall
  • University Hall 
  • Africa Hall 

These six halls of residence are all both male and female inclusive. Nonetheless, there are five hostels on the KNUST campus namely: 

  • Hall 7
  • Brunei Complex 
  • SRC Hostel 
  • Tek Credit Union Hostel 
  • Graduate Students Hostel

Two of these five hostels (Tek Credit Union and Graduate Students Hostels) available on the KNUST campus are for postgraduate students, while the others are managed by the Ghana Universities Staff Superannuation Scheme and serve both undergraduate and graduate students (GUSSS).

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How do I apply for accommodation at KNUST as a freshman?

At the heart of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is technology, hence the creation of the KNUST accommodation portal— an online room booking system where freshmen can book rooms from any one of the six halls of residence. To successfully make a reservation, take note of the following: 

  • Accept the offer of admission to proceed.
  • Pay academic fees in full before applying for accommodation. Please note: Do not pay academic and residential fees together. Make a reservation for accommodation before payment of residential fees.

Follow the steps below to make a reservation and select a room

  • Fresh undergraduate students interested in staying in any of the halls on campus should visit the KNUST website using your application number and pin to log in. 
  • Afterwards, click the “Make a Reservation button” to see what’s available.
  • Carefully read and accept the instructions for lodging.
  • Select accommodation from the list available. A reservation code will be generated.
  • Logout of the system and proceed to a PayPoint to pay residential fees.
  • After payment of residential fees, log in to the system to select a room.

How do I apply for accommodation at KNUST as a continuing student?

Unfortunately, there are limited slots for continuing students. Not every student can fit in any one of the campus hostels available. This is where the real estate industry enters the picture to help solve the problem. Aside from the popular hostels on campus, a number of good hostels have sprung up near and far from the university.

When choosing a hostel off-campus, geographical convenience, proximity to faculty, safety, and comfort are all important factors to consider. A lot depends on your location, so make sure you’re in the right place– waking up early for lectures, meeting friends on weekends, and getting to and from nights out in town. 

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How do I pay accommodation fee at KNUST as a Freshman?

Halls are typically on the lower end of the price scale, unlike private hostels or campus hostels. They cost typical

  • As a first-year student at the University, after successfully securing a hall of residence, take note of your reservation code. 
  • Visit any one of the pay stations to pay your accommodation fees in full to successfully secure your space. 
  • Log back into the KNUST accommodation portal after paying the residential fees to choose a room. 

How do I pay for accommodation as a continuing student?

For continuing students, the only popular option for accommodation is choosing a campus hostel or a private hostel which is roughly between Gh¢2,500.00 to Gh¢10,000.00 for both local and international students. However, payment of residential fees is done through the hostel’s bank account.

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How much is a private hostel in KNUST?

There are a number of private hostels available around campus and in Kumasi for continuing students and freshmen who were unable to be admitted as resident students due to a lack of rooms. Popular amongst them are West End, Wagyingo Hostel, and Victory Towers Hostel at Ayeduase, near KNUST. According to KNUST, the percentage of non-resident students in KNUST accounts for roughly 74% of the entire student populace. This per cent of students pay roughly GH¢ 2,000.00 per year for private hostels.

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