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Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is undoubtedly one of the best tertiary institutions in Ghana and West Africa. The first step in having your education in this noble institution is the admission process, and as such, the need to know more about the KNUST admission portal.

Ghana has experienced a massive transition of tertiary education after the establishment of Knust in 1952. In 2021, the citadel of greatness launched its 70th-anniversary celebration with the theme: “KNUST, 70 Years of Global Impact: A New Age for a Renewed Focus.”

The Knust Admission Portal in previous years opened around February. Because of the impact of COVID-19 on academic activities and the academic calendar, the academic year commencement has shifted from the normal September to January. This has caused changes in the periods of the opening of the admission portal of KNUST. In view of this, the date can change regarding the academic calendar.

The growing number of secondary school graduates has made the 2021/2022 admission period a tough one. Thousands of students will apply and be competing for limited spots in several programs and courses.

Knust Admission Portal 

A portal is a program or application that is used to coordinate the affairs of an institution, manage and communicate information to the public. 

Knust Admission Portal can be accessed here

The portal is the place where details of prospective students are stored and provided when they are applying for admission to the school. 

The Knust Admission Portal is the centre stage of all admission related activities of the school. It is not solely available to everyone and hence, has a security entry before you can access the content of the portal. You will need a serial number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to gain entry into the admission portal. The two codes can only be available to a prospective student when he or she buys the admission forms from any recognised post office.

After logging into the portal, you can download the online application forms.

You then go ahead to fill out the application forms with your details. The first part of the application forms contains the personal information of the applicant which includes names, date of birth, marital status, nationality, phone number, residential address and others.

The next section of the application requires the information of the applicant’s guardian. Depending on the person taking care of you at the time of application, you can fill in his or her details in the guardian section of the forms. Name, occupation, phone number, email address, address among others are the details required to fill in the guardian section of the online application forms.

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Most important to students is the next section which involves the selection of courses or programme choices. Students are required to select four courses that meet their academic performance and are in line with their program studied at high school. Additionally, students can select whether they would wish to be regular students or fee-paying students. Fee-Paying students pay huge sums of money as fees and are entitled to apply for courses that do not meet their results but meets the general university course requirement.

 The general university results requirement for undergraduate studies is a minimum of C6 in three elective subjects and three core subjects. The core subjects have a compulsory selection of English Language and Mathematics by the school and the last one is selected between Social Studies and Integrated Science depending on the program. Integrated Science will be selected as the third core subject for students applying for engineering, health science, physical science, biological science, and agricultural science courses. Social Science students and language students will also be required for their Social Studies result as their third elective.

The next section in the online application forms is the educational background of the applicant, WASSCE results and declaration. There is a necessity for the declaration to certify that the applicant has provided details that is devoid of anything false.

Moreover, there is a corroborative declaration that is made by a person in high authority to endorse the applicant’s passport picture. 

Where Can I Buy Knust Admission Form 2021?

You can purchase or buy KNUST admission forms for the 2021/2022 academic year at any recognized post office in all parts of the country. Moreover, due to advanced telecommunication technology, you can use mobile money to purchase the KNUST admission forms (e-voucher) in the comfort of your home. Use the shortcode and process below to purchase the e-voucher at the comfort of your home.

  • Dial *447*160#
  • Select Forms & E-voucher.
  • Select KNUST.from the list of institutions
  • Authorize Payments.
  • Receive E-voucher via SMS.

How Much Does Knust Forms Cost?

The Knust forms cost Gh¢ 220.00 for Ghanaian applicants and $ 150.00 for foreign applicants

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How Do I Check My Admission Status At KNUST?

The admission department of the university will release the list of qualified prospective students that have been accepted to offer various programs for the academic year. When the list is released, you will log into the Knust admission portal to check your admission status. Also, a text message will be sent to you regarding the status of your admission when the time is due. 

Is Admission Still In Progress At KNUST?

The admission process involves not only the students. It entails the general process involving the filling of forms by applicants, submission of the forms and the selection process by the administration of the school. Hence, the admission process is still in progress at KNUST since the entire admission process has not ended. 

Is KNUST Admission Forms For 2021 Out?

Yes, the KNUST admission forms for the 2021/2022 academic year are out. It was out in the early periods of the year 2021.

What Is The Deadline For KNUST Forms 2021?

The deadline for applying for admission at KNUST has been scheduled. Potential technocrats have from the day of the opening of the admission portal till the admission deadline to apply for the various programs that suit their qualification and interest. Sometimes, the admission deadline can be extended owing to some challenges faced by applicants during the application process.

The deadline for the filling of the admission forms is July 24, 2021 whiles the deadline for the submission of the completed application is October 31, 2021, per the school’s website. 

How Do I Access My KNUST Admission Letter?

Accessing your KNUST Admission Letter is only possible when you have been offered admission to any program in the school. After KNUST provides you with a text message regarding your admission to read a program, you can access your admission letter in the Knust Admission Portal.

When you log into your admission portal, you will see a pdf version of the admission letter and other relevant documents. 

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How Do I Print My Knust Admission Letter?

When you have accessed the KNUST admission letter in your admission portal, you can click on it for it to open a document page. You can then download it by clicking on the download button at the top right of the document page. 

What Courses Does KNUST Offer?

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology provides a wide range of courses. These courses range from engineering courses, general science courses (physical and biological courses), social sciences, languages, art courses and health science courses.  

The courses have been put together and categorised into six colleges. They are: College of Engineering, College of Science, College of Health Sciences, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of Art and Built Environment, and College of Humanities and Social Sciences are the six colleges in the school. 

College Of Engineering Courses

Here are the courses offered at the College of Engineering in KNUST. 

Agricultural Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geomatic Engineering (Geodetic Engineering),  Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Geological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Petrochemical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Marine Engineering and Industrial Engineering. Check out the website of the College of Engineering here.

College Of Science Courses

Biochemistry, Food Science and Technology, Biological Sciences, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Actuarial Science, Doctor of Optometry, Meteorology and Climate Science, and Computer Science. Check out the website of the College of Science here.

College Of Health Science Courses 

Doctor of Pharmacy, Herbal Medicine, Human Biology (Medicine); Medical Laboratory Technology, Sports and Exercise Science, Nursing, Midwifery, Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Sonography, and Disability & Rehabilitation Studies. Check out the website of the College of Health Science here.

College Of Agriculture and Natural Resources Courses 

Agriculture, Natural Resources Management, Post Harvest Technology, Dairy and Meat Science and Technology, Landscape Design and Management, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agribusiness Management, Forest Resources Technology, and Aquaculture & Water Resources Management. Check out the website of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources here.

College Of Art and Built Environment Courses 

Architecture, Construction Technology & Management, Quantity Surveying & Construction Economics, Development Planning, Human Settlement Planning, Land Economy, Real Estate, Painting and Sculpture, Communication Design, Industrial Art (Ceramics, Metal Work, Textiles, and Fashion Design), Integrated Rural Art and Industry, Publishing Studies, Integrated Rural Art and Industry, Publishing Studies, Communication Design, and Painting and Sculpture. Check out the website of the College of Art and Built Environment here.

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College Of Humanities and Social Science Courses 

Economics, Geography and Rural Development, Sociology, Social Work, Religious Studies, History, Political Studies, French, Akan, Culture and Tourism, English, Business Administration, Law, Economics, Geography and Rural Development, Sociology, Social Work, History, Political Studies, French, Culture and Tourism, English, and Religious Studies. Check out the website of the College of Humanities and Social Science here.

KNUST Admission List

You can check by typing the applicant’s surname on the KNUST admission list website. After typing the surname of the applicant, a list containing the full names, secondary schools, and courses approved by the various applicants will show. 

KNUST Admission Requirements

Before you gain admission into KNUST, you have to satisfy some admission requirements. You have to satisfy the entry requirements which is related to the results you are applying with. Download the KNUST Admission Requirements booklet here

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology will be celebrating its 70th anniversary next year. As a potential applicant, learn more about the KNUST Admission Portal to ensure a smooth understanding of admission in this noble institution. Use this guide to learn more about admission to KNUST.















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