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What you need to know: KNUST Students Portal

KNUST Students Portal is the most important medium of communication and coordination of academic activities. The school administration taught it wise to make available this channel of information dissemination to improve the paperless system of the school. 

Many students have little information about the features in the KNUST Students Portal. Students and prospective students should go through his article thoroughly to abrest themselves with the features and importance of the KNUST Students Portal.

Knust Students Portal Interface, knust AIM app
Knust Students Portal Interface

Accessing KNUST Students Portal

The Knust Students Portal can be accessed using the link below:

Selecting The Suitable Portal Section

In order for someone to gain entry into the KNUST Students Portal, he or she must be one of the following: 

Knust Portals Page

A student in this context is anyone who has gained admission to the university to study a specific course or program. Prospective Students are students that have not yet gained admission into KNUST but have applied for admission. Staff are workers and teachers in the university community whilst Prospective Staff is those who are in the process of joining the staff of the university.

Gaining Entry Into KNUST Students Portal

In order to gain entry into the KNUST Student’s portal, you will require a Students’ Identification Number, password, username or Staff Identification Number. 

Students will be required to input their username, password and Students’ Identification Number.

For prospective students, when you click on the prospective student button on the portal page, it will redirect you to the KNUST Admission Portal.

Sections In the KNUST Students Portal Window 

KNUST Students Portal Window Sections
KNUST Students Portal Window Sections

After typing your username, password and students’ ID correctly, you gain access into the portal window. The KNUST Students Portal window contains eleven sections. The sections are as follows:

  • Profile
  • Course Registration
  • Option Change
  • Registration Slip
  • Check Results
  • Access Lecturer
  • Bill and Payments
  • Biometric Verification
  • Graduation
  • Transcript Request
  • Virtual Classroom

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Profile Section

Profile Section
Profile Section

The profile section has been divided into two subsections namely: BIO and Programme. 

BIO contains the basic details of the student. It includes full name, date of birth, gender, email address, residential address, School Email Address, Primary Mobile Number, KNUST Mobile Number, Other Phone Numbers, Residential Address and Country. There can be changes to some of the details and it includes primary mobile number, another phone number, email address, and residential address.

Programme subsection contains the Student ID, Index Number, Program Stream, Residential Status, Fees Status and Year. In this subsection, no changes can be made to the data.

Course Registration 

KNUST STUDENTS PORTAL: Course Registration Window, knust courses
Course Registration Window in Knust Students Portal

The Course Registration sub portal in the KNUST Admission Portal window is used to register courses. Every semester, students register a number of courses approved by the departments. Most often, some courses are compulsory for all students in a class with one or two optional courses in which students are given the liberty to select their choice. 

Option Change

The Option Change section is used to change selected options. As it stands,  It is not all that useful.

Registration Slip

Registration Slip window
Registration Slip window

After registering the courses for each semester, they are stored in this section. You can return to the Registration Slip portal to download your already completed course registrations. 

Check Results

KNUST STUDENTS PORTAL: Results slip window
Results slip window

As the name goes, the Check Results section is used to check and download semester results. Results of students can be accessed on this portal after it has been audited and released.

Access Lecturer

KNUST STUDENTS PORTAL: Lecture Assessment Window
Lecture Assessment Window

In order to ensure smooth teaching and learning, students are given the privilege of accessing the performance of their lecturers. Accessing lecturers on the Access Lecturer Portal involves filling of questionnaires to give your own idea of how the teaching and learning went.

Bill and Payments

KNUST STUDENTS PORTAL: Bill And Payments Window
Bill And Payments Window

The Bill and Payments section is the financial portion of the portal. It contains the fees owed by students, the amount of money paid by students as fees and others. It has also been modified in such a way that students can pay fees through the Knust Student Payment Portal. Students can pay through mobile money and some accredited banks.

Biometric Verification

KNUST STUDENTS PORTAL: Biometric Verification Window
Biometric Verification Window

Biometric Verification is used to verify whether a student has completed his or her biometric verification. The verification process is done to register students for the new semester. It takes place at specified points on campus which include the Cadely Hayford Building, various colleges and libraries.

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Graduation Window

Graduation Portal is used to determine whether a student has fulfilled all requirements that are needed for the student to graduate. It includes full fees payment and fulfilling academic requirements like passing all courses.

Transcript Request

The plight of students and graduates have been heard as the Transcript request portal has been added to the KNUST Students Portal. It is used to request a transcript from the school.

Virtual Classroom

KNUST STUDENTS PORTAL: Virtual Classroom Window
Knust Students Virtual Classroom Portal Window

The Virtual Classroom became the greatest weapon of the school for academic activities during the COVID-19 lockdown period. It serves as the medium through which assignments and quizzes are submitted. Another great use of the virtual classroom is to hold virtual meetings between lecturers and students.  Clicking on the “Virtual Classroom” in the KNUST Students Portal will redirect you to the virtual classroom website.

Change Password Section

The Change Password Section is where students can change their student passwords by going through a simple process.

KNUST STUDENTS PORTAL: Password Reset Window
Password Reset Window

How Can I Check My KNUST Result?

You can check your KNUST results in the students portal. Check out the simple steps in which you can use to check your results

How Do I Reset My KNUST Password?

In order to reset your KNUST Password, follow the following process:

  • Log in to the student portal using the link
  • Click on the “forgot password” button.
  • Enter your Student  Identification Number.
  • A password reset link will be sent to you through your personal email (email used during the admission process).
  • Click “Continue” and check your email to reset the password.

How Do I Find My KNUST Index Number?

After you are offered admission into KNUST as a first-year student, you are provided with an Index Number. In order for you to find your KNUST Index Number, you have to follow the following processes:

  • Log in to the student portal using the link
  • Select Profile from the section list.
  • Go to the Program subsection by clicking the update profile in the first drop-down profile. 
  • You will find your eight-numbered KNUST Index Number in this subsection.

The Index Number is important in all vital activities in the school such as examinations.

How Do I Check My KNUST Fees?

Students are required to pay some annual amount of money termed as fees. In order to check your KNUST Fees, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the student portal using the link
  • Select “Bill and Payments” from the section list.
  • A table of numbers will appear. The amount to be paid in the next academic year is inscribed with “Total amount”.

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How Do I Access My Knust Email?

Many students are unaware that they have a personal KNUST email address. The email has the extension Follow these steps to access your KNUST email:

You can open your KNUST Email Using the link:

How Do I Access Knust Vclass?

V-class is an acronym that stands for Virtual Classroom. The KNUST V-class can be assessed by clicking here.

Can I Pay My Knust Fees Online?

You can pay your KNUST fees online. This is done with the help of the KNUST Students Portal.

The avenues for fees payment include MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Cash, Vodafone Cash and some accredited banks.

How Do I Register For KNUST Resit?

KNUST resit exams allow students to make up for the courses and programs they failed to pass during the academic year. The resit exams are known as supplementary exams and are open to all students who do not meet the pass mark of the institution. 

Here is how to register for KNUST resit papers:

  • Check the fee schedule for the resit examination. In most cases, each paper costs ¢50.00. 
  • Download, print and fill the appropriate resit approval form with the required information.
  • Send the filled forms to your department office and academic officer for approval.
  • After approval, go and make payments at the cash office.
  • To complete the registration, you should present the receipts of the paid fees and the endorsed form to their College Academic Office.

The KNUST Students Portal is the heart of the school and hence, all students must understand the details and sub portals in it.  Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology, the citadel for academic excellence in Ghana, will be 70 years next year.







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