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5 new year resolutions that every student should make in 2019

A new year is upon us and its a chance for a new beginning. Most people will make new year resolutions like; no more overspending, spend more time with family, be nicer to people, volunteer more etc. It’s a good thing to have resolutions that can guide your thinking, which will affect your actions, and your actions will determine how the year turns out for you. We put together this list to help students make excellent new year resolutions that will affect their lives positively.

1. Learn ahead of time

We have all been in that situation as students when the exam is just around the corner and we are now rushing through all subjects simultaneously just so that we can pass the exam. This habit should not continue in 2019. Deliberately make an effort to revise your notes every day. The more you do it, the more it becomes a habit and this habit can guarantee you better grades without the stress.

2. Learn a new skill

The new skill you learn may not have to be related to the course that you are offering in the University. Learn something entirely new. It could be a job-related skill like accounting, graphic design, photography, web design, singing or playing an instrument. It doesn’t have to be a job-related skill either, it could be something like learning to cook continental dishes, swimming, dancing, interior decoration etc. The list is endless.

Let us know in the comment below about which skill you would like to learn in 2019.

3. Get to know the Holy Spirit

We may be living in a physical world but life is very spiritual. If you have ever come across a dead body before you should ask yourself a few questions like why isn’t the person breathing? All the organs are intact. Why do his eyes look lifeless? It’s because we are spirit beings who have a soul and live in a body. The body is just a container so when a person dies, we refer to the dead body as the body but when he was alive we called him by name. It is important to know your creator and the grand purpose of your life here on earth before you leave. Make a resolution to get to know the Holy Spirit of God in 2019. He (The Spirit of God) wants to guide your life and give you purpose so this should be an important new years resolution for you.

4. Stay away from time wasters

Time is a precious commodity that everyone has in equal portions each day. So what you do with your time is very important to the way things will turn out for you in 2019. Avoid spending your time with people who will waste it. What I mean is that don’t spend the whole day playing video games with your friends. Or spending all your time on social media watching videos and admiring pictures. Doing that adds very little to your life. Use the time you have in school to better yourself and learn new things. We are not saying that you shouldn’t spend time with friends but choose your friends wisely and the time you spend with them will not be wasted but it will rather build you up some more.

5. Get educated

Let me explain. You are in school to get an education but most of the time, we end up doing a lot of copy and paste and just learn how to pass an examination. Right after the examination, we forget everything that we learned. The classic ‘chew, pour, pass (or fail) and forget’ syndrome. Don’t be like most students, get educated about what you are learning. Check YouTube for videos that talk about certain topics that are relevant to your course and get a global view. Learning this way will make school more exciting and push you to become an innovator and not a ‘mindless’ robot that most school systems are producing. Have an open mind.

We can guarantee you that when you follow these guidelines and craft your 2019 new year resolutions to these points then you will have a fruitful 2019. Be optimistic and don’t be afraid to try new things. Next year is yours for the taking.

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