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5 ways you can benefit from using GetRooms as a student

You probably might have heard of GetRoom, the largest hostel room booking application in Africa. Thousands of students use GetRooms to book their hostel rooms from the comfort of their mobile phones or laptops (some have desktops). We are doing our best to make hostel booking as seamless as possible for both students and hostel managers. Here are some of the many benefits of booking your hostel with GetRooms.

1. It saves time

School work on its own can be very stressful and you wouldn’t want to couple that with the stress involved in looking for a hostel. The average student spends about 5 days walking and sweating under the hot African sun in search of a hostel. You can now save that time you would have spent in search of a hostel and have lunch with that boy or girl that you have been admiring for a while now.

2. It saves you money

GetRooms is free to use. Yes, you read right, it’s 100% free. So you don’t have to waste your money on transportation or food when you need to book a hostel. Simply go to the GetRooms website, find a hostel and place a booking for free.

3. It is Reliable

With GetRooms, every hostel on the platform is a trusted hostel. We take time to personally review every hostel application before making it live on our website. We also don’t like fake news. The facilities, location and price of the hostels are all genuine as we deal with the owners and managers directly.

4. Instant contact with the manager

Once you confirm your booking on GetRooms, (which is free of charge by the way) you will receive an email and a text message from the hostel containing the phone number of the manager, pretty cool right? The manager is also alerted about your booking and once you make payment for your room the manager will confirm and send you a ‘welcome to my hostel’ text. No middleman.

5. It is safe

Often times we hear reports of students being ambushed off their hostel fees or some being duped by con men pretending to be hostel managers. GetRooms makes those issues a thing of the past as all hostels on GetRooms are accredited and we also enable online payment of hostel fees for hostels who opt for it.

So remember, if you need a hostel then GetRooms should be your first option. We will update this post with more soon.

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