A Male Student at University of Energy and Natural Resources nearly lynched By Colleagues After Being Mistaken For A Thief

In a shocking incident at the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR), a misunderstanding during the Student Representative Council (SRC) celebrations almost resulted in a tragic lynching.  According to Accra-Based UTV’s Bono Regional Reporter,William Arthur, the victim, identified as William Thompson Jnr, a third-year BSC Information Technology student, was mistakenly identified as a thief by his peers and suffered severe injuries in the attack.

The unfortunate event took place on Thursday, July 27, around 10 pm. William was walking back to a hostel with two friends when one of them excused himself to use the washroom in another hostel. Concerned about their friend’s prolonged absence, William and the other friend went to look for him.

Upon asking for information from a resident at the hostel, William was directed to a specific room on the floor. Little did he know that he was walking into a dangerous situation. As he entered the room, the residents, who had been victims of theft themselves, mistakenly assumed him to be the culprit behind the missing mobile phones and laptops.

The atmosphere quickly turned hostile, leading to a violent assault on William. His friends, alarmed by his cries for help, intervened to rescue him. They rushed him to the university hospital before he was later transferred to the regional hospital in Sunyani due to the severity of his injuries.

A circulating video online has revealed the harrowing aftermath, showing William with a swollen face, cuts on his back, and difficulty walking.



The UENR school authorities have taken immediate action, with one of the culprits already arrested and two others currently on the run.

However, this tragic incident should serve as a powerful reminder of the consequences of jumping to conclusions without substantial evidence. It highlights the dangers of resorting to violence and mob mentality, which can have devastating effects on innocent individuals.

My advice in the aftermath of this incident is to encourage a more informed and empathetic approach to such situations. Instead of hastily accusing someone based on assumptions, it is crucial to take a step back, assess the evidence carefully, and involve the relevant authorities when necessary.

Furthermore, promoting a sense of community and unity on campus can go a long way in preventing such misunderstandings. Encouraging open dialogue and creating platforms where students can share their concerns and fears will help foster a safer and more inclusive environment for everyone.

Let us remember that our actions can have far-reaching consequences. It is important to treat others with respect and dignity, avoiding prejudice and rushing to judgements that can lead to life-altering tragedies. By standing together, we can build a supportive and understanding community that thrives on trust and compassion, making our university experience truly enriching and safe for everyone.


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