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Hostels Around Legon

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University of Ghana, Legon, is amongst the top universities in Ghana and definitely the biggest university campus in the country. Due to its high in-take of students, accommodation can be very challenging. We have put together a list of hostels around Legon in this article of which you can book on our website as well.

List of Hostels Around Legon

We look at some of the popular hostels around Legon campus and many more exciting things to know when looking for a hostel.

Pentagon Hostel

This hostel is also known as African Union Hall or pent Hostel as it is popularly known. Pentagon Hostel is a large hostel complex at the University of Ghana which has the capacity to house over 6000 students. The hostel complex is made up of the new and old pentagon hostels and is available to the University of Ghana students. This is amongst the most popular hostels around Legon and widely known even by non-students of Legon.

Evandy Hostel

Evandy hostel is located on the Legon Campus and can house thousands of students. The hostel has a basketball court, restaurants, study rooms, shops, and anything that will make your stay in a hostel around the University of Ghana a memorable one.


Bani International Students Hostel

Bani International Students Hostel is a very good hostel located very close to Evandy Hostel in Legon. The Hostel has all the necessary facilities to make your stay a comfortable one. Security is paramount within Bani International Students Hostel.

Heaven’s Gate Hostel

Heaven’s Gate hostel is a large twin hostel located next to each other. The rooms are spacious and can each take up to 4 students each. The old and new blocks are both well designed for students with all the rooms being self-contained.

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Sandcity Hostel

Sandcity hostel is located in the heart of East Legon. Students of Meltwater and other universities call this hostel home.

Icon Hostel

The Icon Hostel Ghana is a very good hostel with all the necessary facilities for any student. Located in East Legon, it is a good place to stay as a student. Icon is designed for comfort and is well adapted for foreign students.

Chika House Hostel

Chika house hostel is an all-girls hostel located in East Legon. The hostel has a spacious compound as well as well ventilated rooms. The security within the hostel is taken very seriously with the gate having a password secured lock. All necessary facilities within the hostel are provided for all tenants.

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JBK Hostel

About 10 minutes from Lancaster University, JBK Hostel has facilities such as a standby generator and shuttle service as well as an effective security system.

Spring Walden Hostel

The hostel is located in Accra and is suitable for female students at the University of Ghana, Legon, and Wisconsin. Spring Walden is a good hostel for serious-minded students.

Benzee Hostel

Benzee Hostel is a well-furnished hostel with many rooms for students. It is located in East Legon and is normally known as Benzee Residency. The rooms are spacious with a toilet and bath within the rooms.

TF Hostel

TF Hostel is also known as JTN Yankah Hall, a large hostel located at the Northern Legon Campus gate. It can house thousands of students and is a preferred choice for Legon students. The hostel has a basketball court as well as many other amenities that make staying in the hostel a joy and one of the most loved hostels around Legon.

Aseda Hostel

Aseda hostel is located in North Legon very close to the University of Ghana. It is open to all students and travellers. Students of Wisconsin, UPSA, and other nearby Universities like to call this place home.

West End Hostel

West End Hostel has a clean and serene environment. The rooms are clean and spacious with the basic facilities needed for you to have a good stay. It is located at Ashale Botwe, 3rd Gate.

You can book all these hostels around Legon and many more on our website.


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