How to build your career

Everybody wants to be a success. Have all the money that you need, in your dream home, taking trips to the Bahamas at will, married to the girl or guy of your dreams etc. Depending on who you ask, you will get different definitions for success but achieving success in your career path requires passion, diligence and hard work. Many people have achieved success in their career and there’s a lot to learn from them about how they achieved it.

One of the best ways of approaching success is by understanding the strategies that professionals use, and model them according to your needs. The following working strategies will give you enough boosts to improve your career.

1. Become Aware of Your Strengths

Awareness is an essential key to personal improvement. By being aware of your inner thoughts, your strengths, your desires, and your disadvantages, you can adapt your life to whatever conditions you’re being put through. You’ll also get many benefits as you can leverage your knowledge and wisdom for the best purposes.

It’s better if you choose your long-term profession according to what you know about yourself. Are you a patient person? Would you be able to sit eight to twelve hours in an office working on a computer? Or you enjoy an environment where no two days are the same. No matter your strengths and weaknesses, you should choose a career path that advantages your traits and qualities.

2. Identify with Your Goals

Before even considering following a career route, you must get to know yourself. A big majority of people go through life by following a well-established pattern. The sad part is, they don’t even like what they do or they just don’t really realize how many other things they could do.

In order to avoid this awful happening, you need to identify what you want to achieve in life. Then, start going deeper and make an in-depth introspection with which you should draw a timeline of key events that need to happen and when they need to happen. Of course, life has its ups and downs so the list you create will serve as more of a guide. It is always better to go through life with a focused plan rather than just taking every day as it comes. From this guide that you’ll create, you will be able to highlight specific goals that need to be achieved.

…draw a timeline of key events that need to happen and when they need to happen.

3. Build a Professional Resume

Your resume is basically your way of saying “I’m good at this, good at that, and I can help by doing this and that”. Well, that is why you should create a professional, neat resume. By taking care of this aspect, you are making sure that you’ll never be caught off guard. Opportunities are everywhere, and you should always be ready with a quality resume. Make sure that you have a Linkedin profile. The youth of today ignore that but it is one thing that recruiters take note of.

There are other amazing services like Careers Booster or VisualCV that can take care of your problem. They can help you to create a classic or an impressive visual resume.

Make sure that you have a Linkedin profile. The youth of today ignore that but it is one thing that recruiters take note of. #HowToBuildYourCareer #UniversityLife #GetRooms Click To Tweet

4. Network — A LOT

Networking is all about opportunities and connections. When you meet new people, you basically get a chance to benefit from their skill and experience. Of course, you must also give back something: your services, your knowledge, your money. Successful people always network and create those life-lasting profitable relationships.

Start by creating social media profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. These three specific networks are the best choices when it comes to this type of activity. You’ll find lots of opportunities and career choices along the way.

5. Always Raise Your Standards

Here’s another critical factor which differentiates the successful from the non-successful. Your standards influence the way you think, believe, and behave. If your standards are high, you’ll never be satisfied with less than you can accomplish. People with high standards are most of the times more successful than the average.

Every two or three months take a moment to reflect upon your standards and values. Try to improve them bit by bit up until you realize that you’ve become the best version of yourself.

6. Be influential

Branding is very important nowadays. With the success of platforms such as Instagram, we have come to further understand that people are moved by what they see. Big companies are spending hundreds of millions in order to establish themselves as the “big dogs” in the marketplace. It is an old business strategy used by almost every professional company. Your brand is your image in the marketplace.

Professional employees should brand their names and services and constantly improve it. You can do that by starting a blog, creating a professional social media profile, or simply by providing awesome services.


Building a successful career takes time, effort, diligence and patience. If you’re willing to sacrifice some free time and you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, you will succeed. It’s not that hard, honestly. It just takes courage and commitment to follow everything that you’ve targeted.

If you are a student then take the time to read this is as well.

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