How to prepare for your graduation

Graduation is a time for joy and celebration. Four years of tireless work and financial investments in tertiary education has finally come to an end. To some students, the graduation ceremony is the zenith of University life. This ceremony differs between Universities but we have put together a general guide that should help students steer their way through this happy moment in their life.

Please note that this graduation checklist should serve as a guide,

always work closely with your school supervisor to find out exact dates, deadlines and other important details for your school. Months before your graduation you should;

1. Meet with academic supervisor to review project works

How can you graduate without completing school? Your final year thesis and project work should be complete and given the green light by your project supervisor so you can graduate in peace.

2. Apply for graduation

Complete your graduation application to ensure you’re on the list. Make sure that your name is exactly the way you want it to appear on your certificate, and register to participate in the ceremony. Some schools will ask you to pay a graduation fee that must be paid when you submit your application. Your school will audit your transcripts to verify if you are eligible for graduation. If you still have unfinished courses, be sure to work closely with your academic supervisor to ensure you remain eligible.

3. Order cap and gown

As the day of graduation approaches, schools will schedule a time for you to be fitted and order your graduation cap and gown. When choosing your gown size, the length should be at least 1 inch off the floor to prevent tripping on the gown. Try it on and make sure you look good in it. Some of the gowns may look very old as they have been used for centuries now. Personally select on that doesn’t look so antique.

When choosing your gown size, the length should be at least 1 inch off the floor to prevent tripping on the gown. #HowToPrepareForYourGraduation #UniversityLife Click To Tweet

4. Order class ring and graduation invitations (optional).

The class ring in an emblem of the time spent on your education. When you order your cap and gown, other vendors will also be available so that you can order your class ring and your graduation announcement and invitations. The school’s announcement will include your school’s embossed logo and school colours. There are also cheaper alternatives through many custom sign companies.

4. Graduation photos

We know that a single picture speaks a thousand words so make sure that you hire a professional photographer to capture this very important moment of your life. You will find a few photographers at the venue but we suggest that you prepare ahead by booking a photographer ahead of time. You can contact any of these photographers for your graduation;

Friday Studios

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5. Pick up graduation attire and invitations

Your Graduation cap and gown, invitations, and the class ring must have arrived by now. Some will be mailed directly to you; others will be available at the school. As everything begins to arrive, be sure to check that all items are included, nothing is damaged, and that everything fits correctly.

6. Complete all school requirements

Some schools will require you to submit any projects prior to graduation. If you borrowed any book from the library or you haven’t completed payment for a course book then this is the time to round them up. You will also need to complete an Exit Interview if you have any student loans. Also, make sure all debts or other school debts are paid.

7. Invite your family and friends

Graduations are meant to be shared with family and friends. Call, text or even email all the people that matter to you about your graduation. Should your family and friends need a place to lodge for the ceremony then get in touch with GetRooms for affordable and comfortable rooms for them.

8. Commencement rehearsal & ceremony

Be sure to arrive at your graduation rehearsal on time, and arrive early to the commencement ceremony. You will be shown the order of service and what to do when your name is called. How to receive your degree, smile for the camera and shake the Vice Chancellor all at the same time.

Find out how to receive your degree, smile for the camera and shake the Vice Chancellor all at the same time. #HowToPrepareForYourGraduation #UniversityLife Click To Tweet

9. Celebrate!

Have fun. Afterall, it’s your graduation so make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. After the ceremony, you can have lunch with family and friends or even have a party. Make a list of your graduation party ideas, choose your party theme, and order your graduation decorations. Order custom graduation banners for your family to hold up during graduation or to hang at your graduation party.


The most important thing is that you enjoy this special time in your life. Tell us how you are preparing for your graduation or if you have already graduated, do share your experience with the rest of us.

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