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UG acting SRC President calls on students- “Let’s make the construction of SRC Hostel a reality”

The acting Student’s Representative Council President for the University of Ghana, Legon, Kwame Amo Ntow-Fianko has called on students to be more open and involved to make the construction of the SRC Hostel possible.

The University of Ghana over recent years have experienced momentous problems with accommodation. According to the SRC President, they are looking at constructing a hostel that can accommodate about 5000 students.

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With the SRC being a major stakeholder in the project, it is possible for students to have a say when it comes to the fees. Is this just to persuade students to add their voice? Students have been far too quiet about pressing accommodation issues at the University and this might just be a lifeline.

Students do play an important role when it comes to issues such as accommodation. The more students come out to talk, the stronger their voice.

The project is estimated to cost between GHC 45 – 50 million according to the President and the blueprint of the hostel is ready. There are many real estate companies in Ghana that have a great track record in constructing buildings.

As a student of the university, what is your take on it? Is this just another promise? Do you think your voice matters on issues like this? Share with us in the comments below.

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