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All you need to know about KNUST as a fresher

KNUST Entrance,courses offered at knust

Congratulations on your admission to the best University in Ghana, West Africa and 12th best in the whole of Africa. Anyway, that is something you can brag about especially to your Legon friends; we don’t mean to start any debate or “war” here haha! But it is what it is! We will be looking at all you need to know about KNUST as a fresher now that you have gained admission.

Gaining admission and printing out your provisional letters as well as getting accommodation is only part of a few things to do to get set as a fresher. We will start with Academics and end with all the fun stuff!

All you need to know about KNUST as a fresher

So what do you really need to know as a fresher on KNUST campus?

Academics – Course Registration

This is one of the very key and important things to note when it comes to all you need to know about KNUST as a fresher. This is what determines that you are a student and you get to know the courses you will be studying. Online course registrations in KNUST are normally opened before school resumes with the biometric registration being done in school. You can, however, do both on reporting day as long as the registration period is still open; normally takes a week extra to close from the day of re-opening. You will need to have made full payment of your school fees to be able to register your courses online.

Online Course Registration

Here is how to register your courses online.

NB: You normally receive a text message from KNUST which contains your username and password that you will need for course registrations and for checking your semester results as well. Keep these credentials very safe and confidential.

Submit a signed copy of the form to the Academic officer of your department.

 Faculties in KNUST

Departments come together to form faculties and the faculties make up the college. We will list all the faculties in KNUST

College of Science

College of Engineering

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

College of Art and Built Environment

College of Health Sciences

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

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This aeroplane can be seen at the College of Engineering

Biometric Registration

On reporting to school, locate any of the biometric registration centres to register your fingerprint. Depending on the procedures, you sometimes might be required to do this before the online registration. Nonetheless, you will eventually do both.

Some biometric registration setups are made at the various halls of residence sometimes and at the various colleges. Some centres include: 

Don’t worry if all these places sound new. You will get to know them all very soon.

You are to collect your designated KNUST Vodafone number afterwards. You will receive important messages and information from the Dean of Students Office on this number as well as a monthly data allowance of 2.00GB. Neat right?

You are all set in terms of the academics in all you need to know about KNUST as a fresher. Oh but wait, there is more, especially the almighty “CWA”

The Almighty CWA

CWA stands for Cumulative Weighted Average. KNUST runs on this system and as a student, you must understand and know how your average is calculated. Mid-semester examinations form 30% of your grades and the end of semester examinations, 70%.

Whatever mark you get per each course is multiplied by the total number of credit hours for that particular course. For example, if you had 80% in a 3 credit hour course, the marks will be multiplied by 3, making 240, this will be done for each registered course. Then finally the total marks will be divided by the total number of credit hours. So let’s say you had a total mark of 1,200 and your total number of credit hours is 21, your CWA or average will be 57.1 which is a second class lower. You really need to pay attention to this as it accumulates throughout the years. This will be explained further in the freshers’ orientation.

You can access this year’s virtual orientation for freshers here.

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KNUST Colleges

The University has a total of six colleges. In each college there are departments and the departments are grouped under faculties. The colleges are:

Read more about the colleges here


This is a must-have application for every KNUST student. You can access everything academic-related here on the app. The AIM stands for Academic Information Manager. You can access your student profile here, check semester results, download course materials. You can download the app from the app and google play store.

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Now unto the good stuff, WIFI. This is probably one of the nicest things about KNUST not so? Free internet, who doesn’t like it? You can enjoy this because you have paid for it already as part of your fees. Just a hint, the Wifi can be super fast at dawn. To enjoy the KNUST Wifi, you must log in with your username and password. You can log in on both your phone and laptop and other devices without any issues at the same time.

To regulate behaviour online, the WIFI cannot be used to access certain websites like torrents, pornographic sites, betting platforms, or some movie sites. But definitely, students have a way around this.

Use the WIFI to add value to yourself as a student. Watch tutorials on Youtube related to your course, learn new things or take a free online course to get more knowledge. Chaley it can’t be movies all the time o! Anaa mosee??

Food Joints on Campus

As for food, it is important, ino be so? There are some popular food joints on campus and you must try out the meals. We will list them here for you.

KNUST Camp-Ride

This is basically a KNUST campus ride. There are shuttle services to transport students from the halls of residence to the various colleges and lecture halls for free, well not so free but you have paid for it in your school fees, hihi. You can pick any of the buses at the designated bus stops on campus. Due to pressure sometimes, there are private taxis mostly in Brunei where students pick “dropping” to lectures, mostly when they are late and during examinations. You can equally take a paid shuttle for a small fee if you don’t want any shuttle “wahala”

Friday Morale Nights

Conti and Katanga may have been converted to mixed halls but the “morale”  culture still continues. The legend still lives on! Fellows (Katangees) and Continentals still light it up on campus. These are interesting scenes to behold as a whole lot happens during the morale. Are you interested to see it? Hihihi Are you enjoying this article on all you need to know about KNUST as a fresher?

Hall Week Celebrations

Hall week celebrations are normally done in the second semester within a week. Each hall celebrates their hall week within the time allowed Actually, the most popular hall week celebration is Repu Hall Week. During their hall week, you can see students from other universities around and most students prefer and patronise repu hall week. It can become so packed that you can’t even enter the hall. All kinds of things happen at repu hall week, “things”!! Let me just stir your curiosity and leave it there, Lol.

The climax of Republic hall week is marked by Epilogo which happens at Georgia Hostel around Gaza area.

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The Mecca Road

You are probably wondering what this is right? It’s not a pilgrimage to Hajj o. This is the busiest road on campus during lecture times. You will definitely pass here as a fresher to get to the college or faculty area, even for some continuing students who stay at Hall 7. This street is located between Independence Hall and the Administration block. You should know this place as a KNUST student.

Study Areas On Campus

There are some places you can learn on campus. It can be individually or study groups. Studying is an important area when it comes to all you need to know about KNUST as a fresher.

What to pack for school?

This might not be a secondary school but you need to pack certain items as a student. Before I continue even further, please no “chop-boxes” or “trunks” are to be brought to the university unless you want to be laughed at. Here is all you need to know about KNUST as a fresher when packing for school:

You have an idea now about all you need to know about KNUST as a fresher. We have covered and touched on key areas and things to note. Most importantly is not to forget God as you are in school. Be serious academically and with your personal life with God. Go to church, have a good company of friends. You came to school individually, you will certainly graduate individually as well and not together as friends. Become a serious student from the onset.

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Excel in your academics, be the best of you. You can do this! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. University education is meant to open your mind, go an extra mile to make sure you understand what you are being taught and not just for exams alone. Some courses are very practical and you will need to understand it. 

As a child of God, we have the mind of Christ and such we can understand all things with the help of the Holy Spirit. If you are looking for a church, we recommend Love Economy Church. Don’t mind the name 😂 you will love it.

We hope you have a wonderful time and stay at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and this article on all you need to know about KNUST as a fresher has really helped you. What are your expectations for University? Let us know in the comments below. You can contact this number if you have any questions or need help concerning anything KNUST related or help with anything: 0241-024-909 


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