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GetRooms Hostel Fees Give Away

Do you ever feel overwhelmed financially or cash-strapped as a student? If you do, congratulations, you are like all the other millions of students trying to make it through life.

We know how expensive things are rights now and that is why GetRooms wants to help students through these hard times. There are numerous fees that students pay such as the JCR fees, Department dues, books, pledges, nights out with friends, gifts for that special someone, transportation, data, utilities,  hostel fees and so much more.


Since GetRooms helps thousands of students to find a room, we thought it wise to help some students pay their hostel fees. GetRooms will pay a part of the hostel fees of some students in January 2023.

How To Have Your Hostel Fees Paid

You must be a tertiary student to be eligible. All you have to do to enter is to;

  1. Subscribe to GetRooms.
  2. Use the GetRooms App to find and secure a hostel.
  3. Share GetRooms on any social media platform and tag us. 

hostel fees

Doing step one alone will automatically enter you into a draw. Adding steps two and three will give you a better chance of winning. Our team will select a few winners at random to receive money in support of their hostel fees.

If you are a student in any tertiary institution then you are eligible to take part in this competition. Winners will be contacted via email and receive payments to their mobile money or bank accounts.

Don’t be left out, subscribe to GetRooms today and have access to over 500 hostels instantly.

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