Hostels around KNUST

List of Hostels around KNUST

Finding the right hostel in Ghana can be a real headache at times. Some students get duped during this process or just get fed up walking and searching for the right hostel. So the good people of GetRooms (That’s us :)) have put together this updated list of accredited hostels around KNUST in Kumasi with some information about them to make things easier for you. Secure any of these hostels for free with GetRooms.

Providence Hostel

Providence hostel

If you are looking for a hostel in Kumasi close to the KNUST campus with world-class facilities then Providence Hostel is the hostel for you. Providence hostel has been awarded the best hostel in 2014 by the Ghana Tourist Board so quality service and comfort is assured. Take a tour of our facilities and view our gallery and become a part of our award-winning hostel.

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Westend Hostel

Westend hostel

The concept underlying the WESTEND STUDENT’S HOSTEL is the development of a family of students who would be each other’s keeper and feel proud to belong to the hostel. It is the hope of management that you will find your stay here an enjoyable one. Management will do everything possible to make you feel at home and it is hoped that you would play your part in making other residents enjoy their stay too. WESTEND STUDENT’S HOSTEL is managed by the proprietor and a competent team of managers.

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Wagyingo Hostel

wagyingo hostelThis hostel has quickly become a favourite amongst KNUST students. Wagyingo hostel is a fairly new hostel in the Ayeduase area but many have made it their new home. The hostel is located just about a 5 minutes walk from the Ayeduase gate of KNUST. The rooms are spacious and they have all the facilities needed for a comfortable stay.

Amen Hostel (Main, Annex, Inn)

Amen hostel

Amen hostel has 3 large hostels in the Ayeduase area. The hostels are within a 400-metre radius of each other and are a walking distance from the KNUST. Rooms are very spacious and it is located in a generally safe area. The management is also very friendly. You can book Amen hostel on GetRooms.


Canam Hostel

Canam Hostel

A spacious and homey hostel located off the Kotei road. It is well fenced and gated adding extra security. There is also a standby generator for power outage moments.

Canam Hall

canam hallCanam Hall is located very close, to Canam hostel. It is a new hostel that will take in students for the 2019/2020 academic year. This will be the largest of all the Canam hostels around KNUST.

Franco Hostel (Main & Annex)

Franco Hostel

Franco Hostel is a well known and respected hostel located about a 10-minute walk from KNUST. All the basic facilities necessary for comfortable living are available. Facilities such as a standby generator, fenced walls, and a provision shop are all available for tenants.

Franco Hostel New

franco hostel newThis new Franco hostel is a large hostel with large rooms. It can be found in Ayeduase near College of Art and Buid Technology.

Frontline Apartment

Frontline apartment

Apartment like lodgings for students of KNUST. Frontline Apartments is fitted with all the necessary facilities required for a comfortable stay in Kumasi.

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Frontline Innfrontline hostel


The Frontline Inn is a cosy hostel with very spacious rooms and it is located very close to the KNUST Ayeduase gate. Each room is fitted with a spacious balcony and a 24-hour security post. It is part of the KNUST hostels closer to the engineering gate.

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Frontline Court

Frontline court

Located in Ayeduase, the Frontline court is an ultra-modern hostel set to provide comfort and style to its occupants. It’s a walking distance from the Ayeduase gate while at the same it is very close to the Art faculty.


Amanda HostelAmanda hostel

A nice medium-sized hostel which is quite popular amongst students. Amandah Hostel is located just about 200 metres from the KNUST Ayeduase gate. They have a standby generator with secure security doors.


Long Island Hostel

Long Island Hostel

A modern hostel located between Ayeduase and Kotei. They have a large walled compound with a security post at the entrance.

Outlook Hostel

outlook hostel, knust hostels, student accommodation in knust

Outlook Hostel has clean and well-decorated, spacious rooms. It has the necessary facilities needed for students to have a comfortable stay to learn. The environment is very quiet and serene. It is located at the Ayeduase New site


Johannes HostelJohannes hostel

This hostel is well designed and located close to the new Art faculty. They have spacious rooms with well-designed facility including a TV room and a table tennis area for recreational activities. Johannes hostel is a mixture of style and comfort.


White House HostelWhite house hostel

Their motto is in God we trust. White house hostel is very popular amongst students due to its proximity to the campus and is very close to the KNUST engineering gate. The hostel is well designed and has spacious rooms.


Peace Hostel

Peace hostel

A small cosy hostel located just off the Kotei road, Peace hostel is a nice place to be for students who want basic living conditions. Each room has its ECG metre for convenience.

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Ebenezer Hostel

ebenezer hostel


Ebenezer hostel has large rooms which take up to 4 students per room. Their prices are also very moderate as compared to other hostels.


Ultimate Hostel

IMG 1270 899

Ultimate hotel was formerly known as Evandi hostel. It is very popular amongst students, especially Art students as it is located in the Bomso area near the KNUST Bomso gate. This hostel boasts of a basketball court, spacious rooms, provision shops, eateries and a police post for added security.


Standard Hostel

hostels around knust

Standard hostel is located in the Bomso area. It has great facilities including water that flows 24 hours per day. Each room has a balcony and the hostel provides laundry services at a cost. There is also a shuttle to take students to campus and back every day.


Rising Sun Hostel

Rising sun hostel

Rising Sun hostel is a comfortable place to stay. It is located in Ayeduase and has a TV room as well as spacious rooms for students.


Nyame Mireku HostelNyame Mireku hostel

Nyame Mireku hostel is located on the Kotei road. The hostel has two blocks, one for apartment-like dwellings where 2-3 rooms share a hall and the other block has standard hostel rooms. The view from the balcony is great.


Anarosa HostelAnarosa hostel

A well-organised hostel located very close to the Ayeduase gate and the Art faculty. Anarosa is a modern hostel, nicely tiled and neat. Well suited for students. A ture picture of the hostels around KNUST.


Beacon HostelBeacon hostel

Beacon hostel has the necessary facilities that meet almost every student’s need. It is a walking distance from the Ayeduase gate and can boast of a standby generator and a spacious compound.


De-Lisa Hostel (Main & Annex)De-Lisa hostel

De-Lisa Hostel is a modern contemporary hostel with self-contained hostel rooms for students. It is located on the Kotei road and has ample parking space for students with vehicles. There is also a TV room and well-trained security personnel.

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Casa Marie Hostel

casa marie

Located in the heart of Ayeduase, Casa Marie hostel is a hostel that has been in operations for a while. Their strong track record of good accommodation for students.


Adom Bi Hostel

Adombi Hostel

Adom Bi hostel is a popular one amongst students. A purposely built student hostel designed to cater to the needs of students. Adom bi has spacious rooms which take up to 4 students. They have a very spacious compound, a standby generator, a TV room, a study room, walled and fenced compound and a security post.

High Achievers Hostel

knust hostels

Located at Ayeduase New Site, High Achievers Hostel has clean and well-decorated, spacious rooms. It has the necessary facilities needed for students to have a comfortable stay to learn. The environment is very quiet and serene.


Happy Family Hostelhappy family hostel

Students love the simplicity, comfort and safety that Happy Family hostel has to offer. It is also located close to the Ayeduase gate making it a very convenient hostel to stay in. It is part of the KNUST hostels closer to the engineering gate, about 5 minutes walking distance away.


Flint Xclusive

Flint Xclusive

Flint Xclisuve hostel has become a popular hostel amongst Art students since the Art faculty was moved to its new complex some years ago. Flint has large rooms which can accommodate 2 – 4 students comfortably. Their prices are also competitive.


Elshadai hostel

el shadai hostel 1


Just about 100 metres from the Ayeduase gate is Elshadai hostel. Students who like to be very close to campus prefer this hostel. There is a spacious and secure compound for students to live comfortably.


Prestige Hostelprestige hostel front

Prestige hostel is popular amongst students for its high standards and comfortable rooms. It is a nice hostel located in a strategic location in Ayeduase.


Father Hallowed Be Thy Name Hostel father hallowed be thy name hostel

A new hostel located in Kotei is Father Hallowed Be Thy Name Hostel. Apart from its unique name, the hostel is well managed and is kept neat at all times. It has a fenced compound and work is being done to accommodate even more students.


Eunivic HostelEunivic Hostel

Located off the Kotei road, close to the washing bay is Eunivic hostel. This plush hostel is ideal for students who want peace of mind as well as a comfortable place to stay during the semester.


Jalex Hostel jalex hostel 4


Jalex hostel is popular amongst students for its proximity to campus as well as its competitive pricing. The management of Jalex invests greatly in making students comfortable. Book a room in Jalex on the GetRooms website.


Jecado Hostel

Jecado hostel

A well built and unique hostel located very close to campus. Jecado hostel is designed for students and ensures a comfortable stay for any student who would like to stay here.


Jital Hostel

Jital Hostel

Jital hostel is located in Kotei and has all the necessary facilities required by any grade A hostel. Security is taken very seriously here and students are assured of quality service during their stay.


Mass Hostel

Mass hostel

One of the biggest hostels in Ayeduase is Mass Hostel. This hostel is specifically designed for students and is a great place to spend the semester as a student. Management is very open to the needs and suggestions of the students.

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Morning Star Palace

Morning Star Palace hostel

Morning Star Palace hostel is a modern edifice in Ayeduase which is designed to accommodate students comfortably. The rooms are spacious and all the necessary facilities required for a peaceful lodging is made available to all students. Morning star palace is part of the knust hostels closer to the engineering gate.

Kings Hostel

Kings Hostel

Kings hostel is a home which has been converted into a hostel. The hostel has a homey feel with some rooms being larger than others. They are also located close to the KNUST campus.


Nana Adomah Hostel

nana adoma hostel


Nana Adomah Hostel is a popular hostel located within 30 meters of the KNUST Ayeduase gate. It is a large hostel and also very popular amongst the students. Its rooms are spacious and airy with a security post and many provision shops and food vendors around it for the students’ comfort.


Liberty Hostelhostels around knust

Liberty hostel is located in Ayeduase. It is a small family like hostel and has a reading room for uninterrupted studying. This is one of the hostels around KNUST.


No Weapon Hostel (Main & Annex)

No Weapon hostel

No Weapon hostel one of the largest hostels in the Ayeduase area. The hostel boasts of a fenced compound, 24-hour running water and spacious rooms for students.


Amstel HostelAmstel hostel

A well-designed hostel located very close to the main Kotei road. Amstel Hostel is well maintained and is located in a quiet neighbourhood.


Unique Hostel

Unique hostel

A large house which has been converted into a hostel, Unique hostel has a fenced wall, security and it is reasonably priced considering its proximity to the KNUST.


Orange Hostelorange hostel

Orange hostel is a classy and well-organised facility. It is located in Kotei and is equipped with a Gym, TV Room, Bio plant for constant electricity and a game room for entertainment. This is a fun place to stay as all tenants are free to use the facilities.


Whitpamhostels around knust

Whitpam Hostel is a newly constructed hostel in the Ayeduase Kotei area. This hostel is fitted with CCTV cameras, an electric fenced wall and brand new and spacious rooms for students. A unique addition to the hostels around KNUST.


P3 Hostel

p3 hostel

The P3 hostel is located in Ayeduase area in the heart of all most hostels. P3 is one of the largest hostels in this area. The rooms are all well tiled and spacious and meet the basic needs of all students. It is also a 5-minute walking distance from the Ayeduase gate. Hostels around KNUST are not only as stylish and organized as P3 hostel. It is part of the KNUST hostels closer to engineering gate.


R & B Hostel

R&B hostel

R & B hostel has some of the largest hostel rooms in the Ayeduase area. The hostel is spacious with a compound for parking cars and it is fenced as well. It is also quite close to campus.


American House

american house hostel

American House Hostel is an modern hostel with American fittings. You’re yet to experience the best of service if you’re coming here for the first time. Its located in a safe area just after Afrifa junction.


Rising Star (Nyberg) Hostel

Nyberg hostel

Nyberg hostel, also known as Rising star has seen major renovation works making it even more comfortable for students to live in. The hostel boasts of a GYM which helps in keeping students fit.


Shalom Kibutz Hostel

Shalom Kubitz hostel

Shalom Kibutz hostel is located very close to the KNUST and has rooms that can take up to 4 students. It’s quite a spectacle to behold as compared to hostels around KNUST. It is part of the KNUST hostels closer to engineering gate.


Shepherds Ville HostelShepherds ville hostel

The Shepherds Ville Hostel is located just off the main Kotei road. This hostel has been a popular one amongst the students due to its high-security measures, as well as the well designed and cosy rooms.


Yvonna Hostel

Yvonna Hostel

Yvonna hostel is a well-built hostel designed to meet the needs of students. Apart from the large and walled compound Yvonna has great rooms at a good price.


Afirim Hostel

hostels around knust


Afirim Hostel is located just directly opposite the KNUST engineering gate. You can’t get any closer than this to the KNUST. Students like it for its proximity.

Wilkado Hostel

Wilkado hostel

Wilkado hostel is a popular hostel amongst the students. It has a very large compound as well as a shuttle to transport students from the hostel to Campus and vice versa. It is located in the Gaza area of the KNUST campus.


Hydes Hostelhostels around knust

Hydes hostel is a towering edifice located just off the Kotei road. It has a large compound and spacious rooms. One cool thing about Hydes hostel is that you can climb to the topmost floor without entering the building. It has an external staircase. This is a popular hostel around KNUST.

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