Hostels Around UCC

Hostels Around UCC

It is important as a student to know the list of hostels around UCC. The University of Cape Coast, UCC as it is popularly known is a public research university in Ghana. Known to be a school that prides in academic excellence, the university has over 200 programmes of study with modern facilities. 

List Of Hostels Around UCC

UCC provides accommodation for its students on campus, however, not all students can be admitted to the hostel facilities of the university. We have put together a list of hostels around UCC.  Getrooms makes hostel booking easy!

Sterna Hostel 

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Sterna Hostel UCC has all the facilities needed to make your stay as a student comfortable. It is close to the university campus and lecture halls.

UCC Superannuation Hostel

Hostels around UCC, Superannuation hostel

UCC Superannuation Hostel is equipped with the basic needs and facilities every hostel must have. With a serene and spacious environment, this hostel is known and loved by students. It is one of the most popular hostels around UCC.

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NEST Hostel

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Nest Hostel has spacious rooms and is in close proximity to the university campus and lecture halls. It has a TV room with DSTV installed, loved by most students especially the boys.

Fredmef Hostel

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Fredmef Hostel has unique design in terms of its painting with well-decorated and spacious rooms to make your stay pleasing and comfortable.

Jodok Hostel

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Jodok Hostel is an all-female hostel with spacious rooms that will make your stay comfortable. It is in close proximity to the University of Cape Coast and not very far from the lecture halls.

Round Palace Hostel

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With a unique design, Round Palace Hostel has very spacious rooms with a very serene environment.  It is known and loved by students.

Nabert Hostel

hostels around UCC

Nabert Hostel has the basic needs and requirements a hostel must have to make the stay of students comfortable, exciting and pleasing.

Danicom International Hostel

danicom hostel, cape coast hostels

Danicom International Hostel has beautiful and spacious rooms. It is known and loved by students of the University of Cape Coast.

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Adoration Plus Home Hostel

adoration hostel, ucc students accommodation

Known to be amongst the top hostels in UCC, Adoration Home Plus Hostel has well-decorated and beautiful rooms.

Golden Royal Palace

Golden royal palace, hostel accommodation in UCC

Located at Kwaprow, Golden Royal Palace Hostel has beautiful and well-decorated rooms with an executive touch. It has a very serene environment and is loved by most students of the University.

Lizeff Villa

hostels around ucc

Lizeff Villa has a beautiful and serene environment with the necessary conditions needed for students to have a good stay.

Juliborn Hostel

hostels around ucc

Juliborn Hostel has a clean environment and rooms at moderate prices.

Kyerewa Villa

student hostels in ucc, cape coast hostels, ucc hostels

Located off the Ayensu Road, Cape Coast, Kyerewa Villa is known and loved by students for the services it provides and the serene environment it has.

UCC Halls of Residence

The University of Cape Coast has a total of seven halls of residence. Freshmen of the University are guaranteed a hall for accommodation. Below is a list of UCC halls of residence:

  • Kwame Nkrumah Hall (Males only)
  • Adeshye Hall ( Females Only)
  • Oguaa Hall
  • Valco Hall
  • Casely Hayford Hall (males only)
  • Atlantic Hall
  • SRC Hall

University of Cape Coast Hostel Fees

 The University of Cape Coast Hostel fees vary per hostel. Each hostel charges an annual fee which is considered fair. You can browse our catalog of hostels around UCC on our website, book them and know their fees.


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