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Hostels around UENR


The University of Energy and Natural Resources is a public-funded university founded in 2011 at Sunyani to equip individuals with skills in the management of energy and natural resources. The university offers a variety of courses and programs leading to higher education degrees to both local and international students. UENR also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, administrative services and hostel facilities. Here is a list of hostels around UENR.

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 List of hostels around UENR

 UENR’s policy requires that all first-year students live in an on-campus residence hostel of the first year. The university is mindful of student’s accommodation needs and therefore has made available hostel facilities to students. However, the on-campus hostels cannot accommodate the ever-increasing number of students the school admits. Therefore the school has partnered with private hostel owners around the school’s campus to provide accommodation for students who couldn’t get into the on-campus hostel. Here is a list of some of these hostels around UENR.

  Getfund hostel

The Getfund hostel is one of the finest hostels you’ll find at UENR. The state of the art hostel facility is a minute’s walk from the school’s campus. The hostel is largely known for its well-decorated rooms and spacious compound coupled with a serene environment. The hostel rooms accommodate two people in a room and the hostel fee is GH¢ 1,650.00 which is paid on an annual basis. The hostel facility is made up of a kitchenette, two tv rooms for both males and females, a place of worship for both Christian and Islamic students, a basketball and tennis court, a salon plus barbershop and to top it all uninterrupted water and electricity supply.

 Checkman hostel

The Checkman hostel has comfortable rooms and the facilities needed to make your stay worthwhile. It’s a minute’s drive from the university making it very convenient for students to move to and from campus. The hostel has a tv room, kitchenette, clean rooms and water plus electricity supply. The rooms available are four in a room which go for GH¢ 1,300.00 per year.

 Eric hostel 

The Eric hostel is one of the hostels around the UENR campus that is very popular amongst students. The hostel is just a stone throw from the university. The rooms here are very neat self-contained rooms that accommodate four people in a room for GH¢ 1,300 a year and two people in a room for GH¢ 1,800 a year. There’s also a tv room with DStv and a common kitchen.

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  DayIn hostel

The DayIn hostel offers the finest accommodation with a very spacious environment and rooms that suit every student’s taste. The hostel facility has made available frequent water and electricity supply and facilities such as a tv room and kitchenette to make your stay a great one! A room shelters four people at a rate of GH¢1,300 annually.

   Samel hostel

Located at Fiapre, Samel is one of the popular hostels around UENR. The hostel is just a ten minutes drive from the university’s campus. The facility has cosy and spacious rooms and there are different options. There is the one in room option which goes for GH¢ 2,100, two in a room which goes for GH¢ 1,050 and four in the room which goes for GH¢ 1,100. Pricing is done on an annual basis. There’s also a study room, kitchenette, tv room as well as electricity and water.

 Davies hostel

 If you are one that is looking for a hostel that offers you convenience and comfortability, then Davies hostel is the place for you. The hostel is located behind Frimps oil and is just a minute’s walk from the school. The hostel has a common kitchen and well decorated, spacious self-contained rooms which house either four people in a room for GH¢ 1,600 and GH¢ 1,800 respectively.

 E-step hostel

The E- step hostel is another hostel that offers students a great accommodation experience with a serene environment and comfortable rooms as well as facilities such as a kitchenette, study rooms and a tv room. The hostel is situated around S.D.A hospital and is about 5 minutes walk from the university campus. This is one of the close hostels around UENR with great proximity to campus.

   Patience Hostel

The Patience hostel is located about a 15-minute drive from UENR. The hostel facility ensures that you have a good stay with their very neat and spacious rooms coupled with facilities such as a kitchenette, study area and tennis court topped with good water and electricity supply. The rooms available are two in a room which go for GH¢ 1,800.00 annually.

Baidoo Hostel

The Baidoo hostel is one of the hostels around UENR that houses four occupants at a fee of GH¢2,000. Fee payments are done on a yearly basis and it has well-equipped rooms with great facilities such as electricity and water as well as a study room and a good environment for an enjoyable stay. 

  Premier Hostel

The Premier hostel currently known as the Prince of Peace hostel has very nice and cozy rooms that are suitable for four people at a price of GH¢ 1,800 each year. It has facilities such as water, electricity supply, kitchenette and a study area and serene environment which makes your stay there an unforgettable one.

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 How to apply for UENR hostels

A policy at UENR is that students who would like 2 accommodations are to indicate their request on their application forms by the ‘Residential’ option on their application form. Hostel applications can be done both online and offline. 

To apply online, you need to open the hostel portal then enter the reference number on your admission letter, click verify then select hostel and click submit button to complete the process for booking for hostels around UENR.

UENR Accommodation fees

The prices for UENR hostel fees vary. The prices range from GH¢1,300 to GH¢ 2,000 depending on the number of occupants. Four people in a room either go for a rate of 1,300 or 1,600 whereas a room for two people goes for either GH¢ 1,800 or 1,650. Mind you all these prices are per year.

How many halls are in UENR?

The University of Energy and Natural Resources has no halls but a state of the art hostel that is the GetFund hostel which offers students on-campus accommodation.

Is UENR a government university?

UENR is a university funded by the government and established by an Act of Parliament, Act 830 entitled the University of Energy and Natural Resources Act, 2011. Therefore yes, UENR is a government university.

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 How do I check my UENR admission status?

The uncertainty of checking your admission status can be nerve-racking and daunting. However, you’d never know until you check. Here is the procedure that you can use to check your UENR admission status.

How old is UENR?

UENR has been in existence from 2011 to date. Therefore the university is in its 10th year.

Hopefully, this article has helped you make a choice as to which hostel you’d like to stay at while you are at UENR as well as some facts about the university. Don’t forget that we’re just a click away from helping you book your hostel room with ease and convenience. No one beats us!

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