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5 exciting strategies on how to live your best life on Legon Campus

The University of Ghana (UG) is undeniably one of the first names that come to mind as far as tertiary education in Ghana is concerned. Being the first of the numerous universities to be established in Ghana, its contribution to the social and economic development of the nation is worth noting, considering the thousands of professionals who have made it in society. In this article, we will narrow our concerns to how to live your best life on the Legon campus.

Which part of the University of  Ghana, is the Legon campus located?

The Legon campus is one of the three campuses the University of Ghana has; it is the largest of all the three campuses. The Legon campus shares land with the  Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC-Legon) in the vicinity of Legon, GPS GA- 490-9425.

What is the University of Ghana, Legon campus known for?

The Legon Campus is located about 13 kilometres northeast of Accra, Ghana’s capital. This is where the majority of the university’s teaching and research takes place. The Legon Campus also houses the university’s central administration. The Legon campus is also known for its well-planned structure with beautiful landscape features that creates a serene environment for studying and learning.

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Why is campus life so important?

Being on campus comes with higher expectations and demands, despite the interesting and fun aspects of it. Life on campus cannot be compared to the realities that await one after school, but the role of life on campus in preparing young people for life cannot be understated. The maximum stay on campus is 6years and a minimum of 4years. What happens within these number of years on campus goes miles to determine how an individual will be able to cope with the demanding world. 

To throw more light on this, there is the need for the individual to make use of the existing opportunities available to them because this is the place to develop positive work ethics like teamwork, and leadership skills among others. Life does not look easier on the outside, but when the right decisions are made while on campus, you can expect to cope with the fast-changing world.

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Nightlife on the Legon campus 

Nightlife on the Legon campus is by far one of the busiest in the city. A typical nightlife on the campus is saturated with depression and tiredness as people move out of their halls and hostels to enjoy the cool breeze outside. Loved ones come around, a few drinks here and there, perhaps much to talk about after a long day moving up and down. All roads lead to that favourite food joint. Some use this opportunity to fellowship with their denominations on campus. 

Just imagine how restless streets become when there is a special program on campus, for instance, the Hall Week celebrations or even the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) week celebration. This should tell you how amazing the nightlife on the Legon campus is.

 5 strategies on how to live your best life on the Legon campus

Academic work is very important but that alone would not make you enjoy the best of what campus life has to offer. The following are strategies that will help you live out your best life on campus. 


  •  Study smart


To enjoy your stay on the Legon campus comes with a satisfying academic performance. There is a need for you to choose the smart way of studying and also maintain that consistency. Do not pile up notes for the sake of last-minute wonders, that may not be smart enough of you. Research on how to make your studies easier to understand, form study groups and you are good to go.


  • Build your social network


There is a popular saying that goes, “Your network determines your net worth”, ever thought of how deep this statement is? You are in the midst of people with great business ideas, the same spiritual goal as yours, and possibly your employees and employers in the nearest future. You may not want your anti-social lifestyle to cost you something as crucial as securing a job. Now it’s “who you know”; fulfilment in life does not only depend on academics.

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  •      Be optimistic


Most students are weighed down by the thought of never making it after school, or not securing employment after school. There are equally students who do not like the course they are reading in school. You may just need to improve your concentration.

In all these what can you do? You can seek help from the UG counselling unit, a problem shared is indeed half solved.

Do not be bothered by not being able to afford things your peers can, cut your coat according to your size and for all you know, not all wealth is from a genuine source. We daily see and hear of dubious means the youth of today use to gain quick money, in all of these be content with the little you have and rather strive to succeed in all spheres as a student. Being on the Legon campus is one of the best things that can ever happen to you in a lifetime, get rid of these fears and enjoy the best moments by staying positive. This will help you perform your best at all times.  

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  •   Develop some skills and be adventurous


Bagging a degree is not all that being in a university is about. Many still do not understand that a university is a place where capacity is built. Learn a new skill while on campus, add value to yourself, and discover your purpose or passion in life.  This is a long-term investment you will never regret making. Learn skills you will never get to learn in a classroom, and if you have a skill this is the place to sharpen and put it to use. You can engage in some extracurricular activities like being in the debate club, football team, or swimming team. You can also take up leadership positions to enhance your public speaking skills, join educative groups on campus and be intentional about whatever you do.

Being adventurous is mostly misinterpreted for mischief or something more unpleasant than that. Students on the Legon campus are exposed to a whole lot of opportunities, this is the place where making mistakes does not cost much. Experiment with business ideas, and try new things as well. Relationships are not about trial and error, you may make decisions that will either make or unmake you. It’s safe and wise to cultivate healthy friendships, even ones that could lead to marriage, I mean,  with the opposite sex of course. Many choose to be over adventurous and that has not ended them well, so be careful with what you do.

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  • Connect more with God


We live on a battlefield between the spiritual and physical world and as long as campuses are worldly institutions, you have to keep your faith strong, especially in the event of undesirable situations. Common cases recorded in many universities include students dying mysteriously; A+ students failing their exams; sex for grades scandals; and first-class honours students, with promising networks struggling to find jobs after school. You need the grace of God to see you through.

As a child of God, we have the mind of Christ and such we can understand all things with the help of the Holy Spirit. If you are looking for a church to fellowship with on Legon Campus, we recommend Love Economy Church. Don’t mind the name 😂 you will love it.

Hopefully,  this article on how to live your best life on the Legon campus has been very useful. Have problems securing accommodation on campus? Getrooms is the largest hostel booking platform in Ghana with a catalogue of hostels from the various tertiary institutions across the country. You can book hostels around Legon from the convenience of your home with no stress. Hostel booking is made easy with Getrooms!  Subscribe to join our mailing list to receive news updates about everything University in Ghana.

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