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Meaning of Hostels in Ghana

The word “hostel” has many meanings depending on your geographical location. If you’re Hispanic, you’d mean “Hostale”, a cheap accommodation block with shared rooms and basic amenities (like a bathroom). If you’re in the United States of America, “Hostel” just means a cheap hotel. Without room service and some other basic hotel services. So what is the meaning of hostels?

If you’re in Ghana, you mean a place of accommodation for college students. The difference between hostels and halls is that halls are hostels that are owned by the University. The price of accommodation in halls are normally subsidized and are usually restricted to four in one occupancy. Hostels, on the other hand, are more expensive, more “boujie”, and range from self-contained one in a room to four in one occupancy with shared bathrooms and kitchens. Hostels normally come with more freedom than halls as most school rules do not apply in hostels.

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Hostels in Accra

There are hundreds of hostels in Accra but most of them are close to a campus as the term hostels in Ghana is associated with University students. However, there are a few hostels in Accra that are not associated with any particular University. Example of these are Pink hostel, Somewhere Nice, Sleepy Hippo Backpackers, Branic Lodge, Crystal Hostel and Agoo hostel. These Hostels are opened to tourists and backpackers. You can book for just a nights stay or even for up to a month depending on your needs. These hostels are normally more classy than the University based hostels and offer services like free Wifi, breakfast, city tours, car rentals etc.

Examples of Hostels in the University of Ghana are African Union Hostel (Pentagon or Pent), James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall (TF), Bani and Evandy Hostels.

Examples of Hostels in KNUST are Georgia Hostel Brunei Hostel, Crystal Rose, Suncity and Gaza Hostel.

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Now that you have understood the meaning of Hostels in Ghana, go on to use the word no matter who you are or where you are in context and full knowledge, and Patronize hostels in Ghana conveniently as and when you need to.

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