high hostel fees

Students cry over high hostel fees

Students and parents have had to brace themselves every year for an increase in hostel fees. It has become a trend as hostel owners are forced to increase their rates due to yearly inflation which affects their basic operational costs. Many hostels have increased their prices for the 2018/2019 academic year ranging between a 5% to a 20% increase.

Oneof such hostels is the GUSSS hostel (Brunei) on the KNUST campus, which has increased its fees by approximately GHC400 for each room type.

GUSSS stands for the Ghana University Staff Superannuation Scheme. GUSSS was established as a successor to the United Kingdom (UK)-based Federated Superannuation Scheme for Universities (FSSU). The GUSSS scheme was revised and re-established on January 1, 1976.

Part of what the GUSSS does is the construction and management of hostels. The University population keeps rising each year but there is a lack of hostels to comfortably meet the growing need.

Social Media Outcry over high hostel fees

Students have taken to social media to vent their frustrations over the increment, describing it as ‘abnormal’.

Aspiring SRC hopeful Mr. Samuel Atta Poku, a BEC. Building Technology student of KNUST has written a letter to the management of the GUSSS hostels to ask for a reduction in price, a clarification of the ICT charges, and an extension of the end of March deadline where students are expected to make full payment for their room. Here is the full letter;



[email protected]

Tel +233 54 953 0497




Dear Sir,


On Tuesday, 6th February, 2018, the prices per room for GUSSS hostels were released. As has been the trend over the years, there has been an increment in the hostel prices. However, this time around, the increment is quite huge and unfair. About 400 cedis has been added to the price for each room.  For example, Four-in-a-room which previously went for 1,710 cedis now stands at 2,095 cedis. In addition, new entrants have to pay an additional amount of 100 cedis in addition to the high fees charged.

Also, students have been informed, that 80 cedis of their hostel fees covers ICT charges. As to what these ICT charges entail, we do not know. A lot of speculations are being made and the conclusion most people have arrived at is that these fees are for WI-FI charges. If that is the case, it will be quite problematic because students school fees already cater for WI-FI services.

The deadline for payment is at the end of March and that is too short a period for students to make payment.

All this is as a result of the inadequate hostels on campus. Students therefore have to scramble for the few available ones and this gives hostel management the liberty to increase prices.

This petition is to ask that hostel management revise their prices and reduce them since students are agitating about the increment. Also, an extension in the deadline to the end of the academic year, preferably, June to give parents ample time to come up with the monies for payment.

I hope our humble petition will be taken into consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Samuel Atta Poku


cc. The Vice-Chancellor, KNUST

Dean of Students, KNUST

SRC President, KNUST


Book a hostel

Hostels off-campus are trying to meet the needs of students financially and some have very attractive offers as well as facilities and security. Students can check the GetRooms website to compare hostel prices and book hostel for free. Try it now, its free to use.


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