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GetRooms Hostel Fees Give Away

Do you ever feel overwhelmed financially or cash-strapped as a student? If you do, congratulations, you are like all the other millions of students trying to make it through life. We know how expensive things are rights now and that is why GetRooms wants to help students through these hard times. There are numerous fees

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Black Friday at GetRooms

Black Friday is finally here and GetRooms is not leaving you out. We are offering a 40% discount on all our plans so you can get on board and secure your hostel room through GetRooms. GetRooms has helped thousands of students in Ghana to secure a hostel of their choice through our website. Over the

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Lovelies Hostel – A Haven Near Wisconsin University

Choosing a hostel is not as easy as it sounds. There are many factors that you need to consider before making the right decision. Knowing what kind of hostel suits your needs and budget are important. This semester, if you want to choose the best hostel then choose Lovelies Hostel. This article will provide helpful

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How To Secure Your Hostel Room For The Semester

For many years, students have always had issues finding the right hostel. Some get duped and others spend so much money, energy and time walking from hostel to hostel just to be told that “the manager is not around so come tomorrow”. Finding the right hostel shouldn’t be this hard. That is why we created

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Courses offered at KNUST

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is one of the main public or government universities in Ghana. The mission of KNUST is to improve knowledge in science and technology through creating a friendly environment for undertaking relevant research, quality teaching, entrepreneurship training and community engagement to improve the quality of life of all

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How do I choose the right University of Ghana Legon courses?

The University of Ghana (UG)  is one of the biggest and oldest universities in Ghana located at Legon a few kilometres from the centre of Accra. The university enrols students on regular, sandwich and weekend programmes, distance education as well as students from affiliate institutions. The University of Ghana has taken that opportunity to build

Legon City Campus

All you need to know about Legon City Campus

The University of Ghana is one of the prominent tertiary institutions in Ghana. The university is known for its academic performance, research initiatives and the fascinating lifestyle of its students. Established in 1948 the university is also the oldest tertiary institution in Ghana with approximately 38,000 students. The university has three campuses: Legon Main Campus,